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Exciting times for the future of radio: Tips for a successful digital radio country roll-out

issue 18 prem

With more and more countries adopting the Eureka standard and with many more countries reviewing the future of their own radio industry it is vital that we all learn from countries that have previously adopted and rolled out digital radio. In the light of the German digital radio launch it is vital that we examine the processes behind making a country digital radio roll-out a success so that these valuable lessons can be used to assist and guide others who are looking towards making their own digital radio future a reality.

-The simultaneous roll out of digital radio by all major radio broadcasters in each market – with support from regulators and government

– Broadcasters providing new and compelling content.

-A carefully constructed communication and public relations strategy to actually tell and excite listeners about the new services.

– Ensure there is a range of affordable receivers readily available in the market

– A variety of retail outlets to stock the new receivers

– Most importantly that all industry stakeholders from broadcasters to network operators, regulators and manufacturers, retailers and government work in collaboration and coordinate efforts towards one common goal, bringing radio into the modern digital age

– With countries such as Germany, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and many more working towards a digital radio future, an international consensus on the future of digital radio needs to be established.

Joan Warner
CEO, Commercial Radio Australia


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