Issue 14: Letter from the President

 Issue 14 Letter from P_ flagsAt WorldDMB we are delighted to be witnessing a period of transition towards a more progressive and internationally cohesive digital radio industry. With the German market beginning the roll-out of its national DAB+ broadcast, the momentum towards establishing the Eureka 147 standards as the only viable digital radio technologies has been soundly reinforced.

The strong message of support coming from countries rolling-out and trialing the technology as well as the enhanced consumer offerings, coverage and reception which have resulted in increased consumer demand, have all contributed towards encouraging both large and small manufacturers to produce receivers for the growing DAB/DAB+/DMB global consumer market. Importantly this momentum for meeting the needs of the listener has permeated also the car industry which is increasingly adopting DAB and DAB+ as the broadcasting standard of choice. This cross-industry support will have huge repercussions on the future adoption of the Eureka 147 standards on a European and international level as it demonstrates that there is substantial consumer demand for the extra functionality and new content, and also that the wider radio and manufacturing industry is fully supportive of these efficient, mobile and mass-market ready broadcasting technologies.

It is vital that we harness the momentum and support for the adoption of the Eureka standards shown by industry and consumers to ensure that the technology is successfully established in countries and regions that are in the early stages of planning digitilisation of radio. We urge policy makers, ministers, network operators, broadcasters and manufacturers to co-ordinate and focus their efforts to ensure the long term sustainability of the radio industry. The industry needs to communicate clearly to their national administrations the need for a clear road map for the transition to digital radio. From the WorldDMB forum perspective, there is a need for a harmonised, pan-European digital radio market so that countries in the early stages of digitilisation can move radio broadcasting into the modern age with ease and clear guidance.

Jørn Jensen
WorldDMB President

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