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The WorldDMB Technical Committee (TC)

The TC has 117 members and, under theChair Lindsay Cornell, is responsible for overseeing the standardisation of Eureka 147, which is the basis for both DAB/ DAB+ and DMB technology. It ensures that receiver equipment and broadcast technologies are compatible. The TC also upgrades and advances the standard in line with other technical developments. Finally, the Technical Committee looks to futureproof all DAB equipment (both receiver and broadcast based).

There are three Task Forces within the TC which develop new specifications and guidelines. The Service Following Task Force is engaged with setting the rules for broadcasters and receivers for DAB/DAB and DAB/RDS. The BIFS TF is focusing on adding BIFS to DAB and DAB+, while the TF Filecasting is working on enabling broadcast podcasts.

This year there have been three meetings of the Technical Committee in Geneva, Lyon and London. Seminars are held the afternoon before the Technical Committee meeting, and previous topics this year have focused on BIFS services and equipment, DAB signalling and Loudness.

The Marketing Committee (MC)iSSUE 15 IM10 BM

The meetings of 2011 took the form of “Best Practice Seminars”, on topics ranging from “Best Case Commercial Radio Stations”, to “Developing the Best DAB+ Industry” in Germany, and the latest one held in The Hague focused on “The Netherlands and Belgium – new ways of launching DAB/DAB+”. In order to offer valuable networking opportunities, the seminars are now open to nonmembers, and they have proved to be very successful and informative.

iSSUE 15 IM11 HW RSCThe Regulatory and Spectrum Committee (RSC)

The RSC has met three times this year, and during this time Percy Petterssen retired as consultant to the committee, and was replaced by Radim Soukenka.

The main focus of this committee this year has been monitoring the process of the L Band consultations held within the ECC and the CEPT. As always, we welcome more members into this very important committee.

iSSUE 15 JW APCThe Asia Pacific Committee (APC)

 The APC is Chaired by Joan Warner, CEO of Commercial Radio Australia. The Committee is made up of WorldDMB members, and is open also to broadcasters and other partners from the radio industry in the region. Its purpose is to provide a networking and exchange forum on all aspects of DAB/DAB+/DMB technology and rollout for broadcasters and industry stakeholders in the region.

The Committee  meets several times a year in parallel with events taking place in the region: at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Digital Broadcasting Symposium which takes place every year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; at the ABU Technical Committee and General Assembly which takes place late October/early November and in June at Broadcast Asia, Singapore. This committee also oversees the programme content, speakers and marketing of WorldDMB events, seminars and speaking opportunities in the region.

WorldDMB members can join any of these committees by going to: and tick the relevant committee box and stay informed about meetings and recent documents.

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