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WorldDMB is the network of professionals facilitating the future of digital radio broadcasting based on the DAB/DAB+/DMB standards, drawing on over 80 members from across the globe and from all stakeholder segments and geographies. In this role as broker for industry knowledge and promotionof a co-ordinated roll-out of services, WorldDMB actively collaborates and partners with industry bodies in Europe and Asia.


aer Association of European Radios (AER – Association Européenne des Radios)

The Association of European Radios (AER) represents over 4,500 private/commercial radio stations across Europe and aims to enable the most suitable framework for private commercial radio activity. AER has a seat on the WorldDMB steering board and the WorldDMB Project Office is collaborating with AER so that AER members will have access to the latest information and research on the business cases, existing and future monetization opportunities within digital radio.


EGTA is the trade association of television and radio sales houses that market the advertising space of both public and private broadcasters across Europe and beyond. WorldDMB is in discussions with EGTA around how best to educate advertising houses and agencies about the revenue potential of digital radio.

ebu_logoEuropean Broadcasting Union (EBU)

EBU is represented on the WorldDMB Steering Board. WorldDMB works closely with 3 departments within EBU:

– EBU Technical department
WorldDMB contributes to the annual EBU Digital Radio Week which in 2012 will take place 13-17 February.

-European Digital Radio Forum (EDRF)
WorldDMB is a member of this body facilitated by EBU which is focused on investigating how the digital radio industry can influence policy making in Brussels and meets 3-4 times every year. Members of EDRF are WorldDMB, IMDA, EBU, RadioDNS, and DRM.

– EBU New Radio Group
The New Radio Group (NRG) is a sub-set of EBU members and provides a forum  to share knowledge and expertise about  digital hybrid radio. WorldDMB worked  closely with the NRG on a live digital radio  broadcast and conference in the European  Parliament 11-12 October 2011 and will  continue to do so throughout 2012.

Asia Pacific

abuAsia-Pacific Broadcasting  Union (ABU)

ABU is represented on the WorldDMB  Steering Board and WorldDMB  collaborates closely with the ABU on  dissemination of information about DAB/ DAB+/DMB in the Asia Pacific region.  WorldDMB will convene a Digital Radio  workshop at the ABU Digital Radio  Symposium, 6-9 March 2012, and will  attend the ABU Technical Committee and  General Assembly in Autumn 2012.

CRA02Commercial Radio Australia (CRA)

CRA supports WorldDMB activities in the  region and contributes to the marketing  and rollout of DAB+/DMB in the region.  CRA has developed several marketing  information materials and tools which are  available at

iSSUE 15 EBUAutomotive

In-vehicle digital radio solutions are key to  the success of digital radio. Most major  manufacturers now line-fit digital radio and  there is a growing range of after-market  solutions.

WorldDMB works closely with  national automotive associations:

– VDA, Germany
-ATA, Italy

Japan/Asia car manufacturers

WorldDMB collaborates close with also key  consultancies in the automotive sector, as  well as Traffic and Travel related bodies:

-Telematics Update (Europe and Asia chapters)

WorldDMB Project Office



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