Issue 16: Letter from the President

The case for switching to digital radio has been made; the proof is evidenced by the successful business models seen around the world

Issue 16 jjThe growth of the DAB family of standards and encouraging their adoption and roll-out remains at the forefront of my activities as President of WorldDMB. Adopted by over 40 countries, with thousands of models of DAB/ DAB+ and DMB receivers on the market and listened to by millions, the standards have become the choice for Europe and much of Asia Pacific.

Even as we continue to observe the positive aftermath of the German launch, it is undeniable that some hesitation still remains within some quarters of the radio industry. Therefore, 2012 will be the year in which WorldDMB provides a vision of a successful digital future. Through the successfully applied and proven international business models covered in the commissioned report, I hope the evidence will speak for itself and encourage countries to migrate to digital radio using the DAB family of standards.

Issue 16 jj car dashboardI also see 2012 as the year in which the automotive sector en-masse establishes digital radio as part of their consumer offering. This combined with a heavier focus on research and development of next-generation chips which combine the DAB family of standards with other technologies will see the deployment of the next generation of hybrid radios available to the mass consumer market in the near future.

Issue 16 samsung jjThe new generation of chips will be smaller and more energy efficient and as a result we can expect to see the inclusion of these in more mobile and tablet devices. Only a few weeks ago at Mobile World Congress (27 February – 1 March, Barcelona) Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd announced digital radio integration in the Samsung GALAXY S WiFi 5.0. This new product will be available to the consumer from April 2012 in Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Norway and South Africa.

Overall, the outlook for 2012 is very positive at all levels of the digital radio value chain. The Project Office are increasingly receiving more inquiries from countries looking to migrate to digital and I foresee another very busy year for both the Project Office and WorldDMB members as they continue in their campaign for bringing digital radio to the consumer market.

Jørn Jensen
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