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Poland DAB+ trial to be launched

Issue 16 PolandNational public broadcaster, Polski Radio, together with four regional public radio stations (Radio Wroclaw, Radio Gdansk, Radio Poznan and Radio dla Ciebie), are preparing the launch of a DAB+ public multiplex. It is hoped that this will be broadcast in the four cities where the Euro 2012 football matches will be played – Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdansk and Poznan. A tender will soon be announced to find an infrastructure provider to transmit the DAB+ public multiplex.

 The criteria for the tender were specified by the Polish regulator, the Office of Electronic Communications. It is thought that high power will be used for broadcast (10 to 20 kW ERP in Wroclaw, Gdansk and Raszyn, and 1 to 2 kW in the city of Poznan and Warsaw). The winner of the tender will confirm the power through a combination of the output power of transmitters and gains of the antenna systems used at the specific transmitting site.

Poland has been very active in its drive for digital radio and will be hosting a conference: NOW RADIO! at which WorldDMB will be presenting its research for commercial broadcasters.

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