The second phase of roll-out commences in Germany


– Over 130 DAB+ receivers are now available to the German consumer

– The German digital radio campaign was supported by the manufacturers PURE, NOXON and digital national station Absolute radio

– A live postcode checker is available online for consumers to see what services are on air:

The activities and processes observed by the German radio industry are setting a precedent for the key factors that are fundamental to a successful roll out of digital radio. The German market is a strong voice for pushing for a pan-European digital radio strategy. Germany continue to focus their efforts on key factors such as cross industry collaboration, marketing, providing new and high-quality content and most importantly, selling receivers to ensure a successful and healthy digital radio future. The journey towards a fully digitalised radio industry has reached its second stage. During 2012 the second phase of the network roll out for the national multiplex (currently at 27 transmitters covering nearly 40 million households) will be increased.

Issue 16 germanyOngoing work continues by the national roll-out body, Deutschland Radio in their support for the digital migration, with heavy emphasis on promotion. Deutschland Radio released an extensive number of news items which included news stories on new receivers, devices, the automotive sector, cross industry collaboration, announcements for new tenders and calls for inclusion of local commercial broadcasters on shared multiplexes. Simultaneously the regional ARD ‘Bundeslander’ public radio broadcasters ensured that their stations were going digital and stations on the national multiplex advertised new programmes such as (Antenna Bayern/SWR) to children’s stations (Radio TEDDY in Hessen), and provided information on which stores were stocking digital radios. Rundfunk- und Informationstechnik DABplus Germany 17

Next steps

–  Organisational support of project office
–  Extended marketing activities
– Workshops for retailers
– Information package for schools
–  Extension of the coverage area
– New regional commercial programmes on DAB+
–  Pan-European digital radio strategy
– Switch-over plan from FM to DAB+ because of better efficiency
– Obligatory digital receivers

The second phase of roll-out commences in Germany

At the recent Le Radio event in France (5-7 February 2012, Paris) it was announced that broadcasters, in the long term, will save an estimated 66% on transmission costs per programme with digital radio. It was also announced that three years after switch over it is expected that the cost savings made will cancel out the cost of simulcasting for 12 years with the average saving of 40 million Euros per year on distribution costs. (Dr Chris Weck, Technical Director, Deutschlandradio)

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