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The WorldDMB Project Office has since the beginning of the year ramped up its activities in the region, a reflection that the Asia Pacific markets are on the move. WorldDMB successfully represented its members at the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium earlier this year and in its aftermath has seen a flurry of activities with key markets making substantial moves towards digitalisation of their radio industries.

Issue 18 austAustralia

Australia continues to lead the pack in the Asia Pacific region setting examples of how digital radio should be rolled out in terms of marketing and providing enhanced services for the consumer. There are currently more than 60 different stations broadcasting on DAB+ across the five metropolitan markets, comprised of simulcasts of commercial, public and wide area community AM and FM stations, plus up to an additional 31 DAB+ only stations.

The availability of digital radios has also continued to expand with more than 120 different models on sale across 800 retail and online stores. Extensive work has been undertaken in marketing and communicating the benefits which has ensured a high degree of success in the first two and a half years of DAB+ rollout.

Work continues also on ensuring digital radio is available in all areas of Australia. To achieve this, there are several challenges still to be addressed. Australia has the highest powered digital radio transmission system in the world and continues to work on further improvements to its coverage. The industry has identified a number of black spots in each of the five launch cities and has developed a world first solution in an On Channel Repeater (OCR) to boost the DAB+ signal.

Digital radio sales reach 833,320

Sales of digital radios in Australia have risen by more than 60 per cent, new figures show. Australians bought 88,004 digital radios in the first quarter of calendar 2012, according to a GfK Marketscope report released by Commercial Radio Australia. This was up 63 per cent from 53,996 digital radios sold in the prior corresponding period.

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WorldDMB Digital Radio Workshop at the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2012 was attended by over 70 delegates

WorldDMB Digital Radio Workshop at the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2012 was attended by over 70 delegates


The Indonesian market is preparing to  get a DAB+ trail on air later this year.  WorldDMB with the ABU are together  working to provide the Indonesian  industry with all the necessary market  and technical support to successfully get  DAB+ on air.

Indonesia has a population of 238  million and has officially adopted DAB+. At the recent RadioAsia conference (7-9 May, 2012) in Jakarta, Indonesia, Freddy Tulung, Director General of Information and Public Communication at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) said that Indonesia has a roadmap for migration for digital radio and is learning from case studies of other successful digital radio roll outs. DAB+ in Indonesia will enable it to meet consumer demands that have been unmet by FM. Further information on the trial to be launched in Indonesia will be made available on the WorldDMB website in due course. A WorldDMB technical and roll out workshop is also being scheduled for later this year.


VTV Broadcom, a subsidiary of State-run Viet Nam Television (VTV), has requested to commercialise its DMB services after a successful two year trial that was launched in 2010 in Ha Noi and HCM City on 10 VHF channels. If permission is granted, VTV Broadcom said it would invest an initial VND50

billion (US$2.4 million) providing a DMB service in Ha Noi and HCM City. It said it expected to make a profit from the service within two years. DMB is part of the Eureka 147 family of standards and includes DAB and DAB+ and allows the sending of multimedia such as TV, radio and datacasting to mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

United Arab Emirates

WorldDMB has met recently with representatives of the UAE regulatory body who have taken steps towards digitalizing its radio industry. Trials of DAB+ and DMB are scheduled to be on air in the near future and in February this year, Revo a receiver manufacturer of DAB/DAB+ audio products appointed the distributor, Eros Group to distribute its products through key retail channel partners in UAE and other

Gulf countries to service the needs of consumers throughout the area. This news heralds exciting things are to come out of the region and WorldDMB will be on hand to support the UAE with any technical and market support it may require in the coming months.

Asia Pacific Events

WorldDMB have attended a number of events in the Asia Pacific region since the beginning of the year. The most recent have been RadioAsia 2012, BroadcastAsia 2012 and the WorldDMB workshops in Tokyo.

Jakarta, Indonesia
7-9 May, 2012

WorldDMB were sponsors of the RadioAsia 2012 conference and throughout the event held meetings with country representatives from the region who were seeking guidance and further information on digitalizing their own radio industries using the platform of DAB+. In one of the conference sessions titled ‘With online around, why does radio technology exist any more?’Joan Warner, of Commercial Radio Australia argued that there were plenty of reasons that radio continues to be successful and cited the case study in Australia, where radio is outperforming most other media in terms of audience and revenue.

Broadcast Asia 2012, Singapore
19-22 June, 2012

WorldDMB and some of its members such as DIGIDIA, Factum, Harris, Radioscape, VDL and CRA were in attendance at BroadcastAsia 2012, exhibiting and presenting during the digital radio conference session. WorldDMB also hosted a DAB+ Workshop which was used as a platform to provide assistance to countries looking to move forward with deployment of the DAB standards. Issues such as how to access equipment and start coverage planning as well as content development were addressed.

WorldDMB Japan Workshops, Tokyo,
Japan, 19 June, 2012

With the support of Commercial Radio Australia (CRA), WorldDMB hosted two half day workshops at the British Embassy in Tokyo. The workshops were attended by Japanese and European car manufacturers, OEMs and Tier 1 and 2 representatives. The morning session was dedicated to digital radio in the automotive sector with delegates being provided information on coverage maps, drive test guidelines and a review of the latest international and local market developments. The morning session was followed by an afternoon workshop for receiver manufacturers. During this session, delegates were provided with an overview of the digital radio market for receiver manufacturers: chips, ETI Streams and implementing digital radio cost effectively in receivers.

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