German digital radio industry takes next steps

issue 17 germany 2The first half of 2012 has seen the German digital radio industry focus more on educating the retai industry at the same time as increasing coverage and ensuring services go on-air.

Retailer events have been held in major German digital radio markets and at various in-house trade shows since early February and there is a plan to extend these later in the year. The next steps are a campaign with Deutschlandradio in early summer in Berlin as well as a briefing campaign in North Rhine-Westphalia where all MediaSaturn retailers will be addressed. The latter is currently being prepared by a core project team of both public and commercial broadcasters, device manufacturers such as PURE and Terratec and the German Project Office. All activities adhere to the marketing guidelines document “Retailer Initiative” where all experiences and case studies from previous marketing activities are flowing in steadily.

The market is also looking at ensuring in– store signal coverage in the larger retailer  outlets with research being carried out on suitable in-store repeaters. The Media Saturn Group have made a commitment to have in-store repeaters in the April edition of Meinungsbarometer Digitaler Rundfunk magazine.

iSSUE 17 GERMANY 1Promotional activity, new services and products

Consumer campaigns are on-going from both the broadcasters on the national digital radio multiplex and also from the ARD broadcasters. SWR ran a promotional campaign on-air on their SWR3 station and also had information online as well as in print promotional material for listeners. In a survey taken during this campaign the success was measured and the result was 82% of listeners are now aware of digital radio from this station.

In Bavaria, April saw the start of a new series of media days entitled ‘Total Digital’ which will be held at a number consumer shows throughout the year. More info can be found at The aim of these events is to raise awareness of digital radio and to promote digital radio products through prize draws. The regulator also  remains active with new stations goingon-air in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Rhineland-Palatinate.

Alongside these promotions a new scheme enables those exchanging their old analogue radio to receive a 20% discount when purchasing a new digital radio by PURE, Albrecht and Terratec. To receive the discount consumers are encouraged to make a video while scrapping their analogue radio and to post it on Youtube and send the link to

For more information about the scheme visit: binDABei and

ISSUE 17 FRANCE2The receiver manufacturer Terratec launched a TV promotion campaign in early April to launch it’s new ran T Stick+ for DAB/DAB+/DVB-T alongside SAT TV1. You can watch the video for this at Also new product launches were made by BOSE and for the car industry by Alpine, Dual and JVC in the last couple of months.

In time for the German Project Office and WorldDMB event at AMI/AMICOM the German Project Office has released a new brochure in German ‘Digital Radio In-Cars’. The event at AMI/AMICOM on the 4th of June was targeted at the OEM and after sales market and was attended by all major OEMs, Tier 1’s as well as providers of after sales market equipment.

Going into Q3 plans are being made for IFA and increasing consumer awareness of the number of digital radios, in all price brackets, which are now available.

WorldDMB is also planning it’s promotions during IFA for more information on this please contact

WorldDMB Project Office



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