Hackers enter EBU Digital Radio Week 2012

iSSUE 15 IM3Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with criminal activities.

These hackers were developers, engineers and students interested in tweaking, modifying software and playing with prototypes to make radio more attractive and innovative for colour screens. They gathered for an event called RadioHack that kick-started the 2012 EBU radio week and enabled them to test different possibilities on the huge number of new tablets and multimedia devices that are now coming on to the consumer market.

Hybrid radio applications using DAB/DAB+ and RadioDNS were at the centre of this event thanks to the active participation from BBC, R&D, Global Radio labs, IDAG and EBU labs. A real high power DAB+ local transmission using open CRC mmbTools from the roof of EBU also took place to demonstrate that digital radio has become affordable for local and community radio. Representatives from CRC were on hand to explain to participants how to use their tools to make transmissions and tests or for hybrid radio.

On the Digital Radio Summit side, the event gathered more than 107 participants despite a late program announcement. After a long absence of representation in the summit program, we can note the return of France on the programme with an overview on the multiplatform strategy from Radio France and the local/community radios coming into play with DAB+. Today radio is clearly multiplatform with terrestrial digital radio at it’s heart as demonstrated also by other country representatives from Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and a number of different manufacturers.

Everything is now ready for the migration of the full radio ecosystem to digital. However, harmonization efforts are still needed to keep the radio experience simple for the listener. 

Resources from EBU Digital Radio can be found on http://tech.ebu.ch/events/digital-radio summit12.

If you are interested in participating at next year’s event or have any comments please contact Mathias Coinchon at coinchon@ebu.ch 

Mathias Coinchon
Senior Project Manager
EBU Technical


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