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The last few months has seen WorldDMB at a number of events in Europe and the Asia Pacific Region

The last few months has seen WorldDMB at a number of events in Europe and the Asia Pacific Region

WorldDMB has seen a fundamental shift over the past few years in the way it works to ensure the adoption of the DAB family of standards by governments and broadcasters. While the WorldDMB Technical Committee continues to work on overseeing the standardisation of the DAB family (see page 5 for an update on the work of the Technical Committee’s Task Force on Service Following), the WorldDMB Project Office and the WorldDMB Marketing Committee are focused more and more on delivering tailored roll out workshops which bring best practice and the lessons learned to our digital radio colleagues in emerging digital radio markets.

In addition to continuing the focus on growing the adoption of the standards in Europe and Asia Pacific, WorldDMB are increasingly focusing on the important subject of spectrum and regulation which remains a major preoccupation for WorldDMB and its members. The WorldDMB Regulatory and Spectrum Committee (RSC) works hard to provide guidance on the advantages of different regulatory approaches needed in countries with varying regulatory needs. A vital role of the RSC is to produce a regulatory model and to identify possible routes to common regulatory frameworks to facilitate the introduction of DAB+/ DMB services internationally. The RSC also works to ensure the availability in the medium-to-long term of sufficient DAB based frequencies beyond those already allocated and safe guard those frequencies currently allocated – read more about this Committee’s important work on page 6.

Contact the Project Office for more information about the work of the Regulatory and Spectrum Committee as well as about the work of the Technical Committee and Marketing Committee.

Bernie O’Neill
Project Director

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New WorldDMB Members

eiden_logoEiden Co., Ltd is an electronics engineering group incorporating Elena Electronics Co., Ltd. and Koyo Sokki Seisakusyo Co., Ltd. as affiliated companies, and is the central point for a range of enterprises. They provide transmission equipment for corporate users, and develop AV equipment, test signal equipment, measuring equipment and central signal equipment for factory production.

GlovaneGlovane Co. Ltd is a leading supplier of highly-integrated radio receiver SoCs and field proven softwares including data service middlewares such as EPG, SLS, TPEG and service following. Glovane is increasing its DAB product range with cost-efficient digital radio receiver solutions for the automotive market as well as for the consumer market and is committed to sustaining growth of its DAB and mobile TV technologies.

Hyundai LogoHyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH is the fourth biggest car manufacturer in the world and in Germany is becoming one of the strongest growing brands. Over 20 nationalities of high skilled engineers work in the development and design centre in Rüsselsheim to develop the next successful innovative technologies with focus on Design, Powertrain, Perceived Quality, Infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistant Systems.

INRIXINRIX is the leading provider of traffic information, directions and driver services, as well as apps and tools all designed to get traffic-powered solutions to market rapidly. INRIX combines the best data from the largest traffic network in the world with game-changing technologies, auto manufacturers,mobile developers, transportation agencies, fleet and internet companies to give consumers the power to go anywhere.

KeystoneKeyStone Semiconductor Corp. is a technical innovator and a leader in wireless digital audio semiconductors. They provide the consumer electronics industry with system-on-chip and turn-key solutions to manufacture analogue and digital broadcasting products. KeyStone has invested 30M USD in developing a series of low-cost and low-power broadcasting chips. Télévision Belge Francophone (RTBF) is the public broadcasting organisation of the French Community of Belgium. RTBF operates a number of radio channels such as La Première, RTBF International, VivaCité, Musiq3, Classic 21, and PureFM, as well as TV stations.

WorldDMB Member Benefit

The WorldDMB ETI Library is an online database of ETI Files which is being constantly expanded by WorldDMB members.

It contains: • ETI file country snapshots of DAB, DAB+ and DMB from different markets • ETI files configured with multiplexing equipment from specific manufacturers • Files which can be used for demonstration and testing purposes As broadcasters create ever more complex digital radio services, the ETI Library will reflect these and maintain a single point of reference for manufacturers and broadcasters worldwide.

What benefits does the ETI Library offer Manufacturers?

By identifying and compiling the different multiplex solutions the Library assists receiver manufacturers in testing their products ensuring they include the minimum set of function requirements set out in the WorldDMB Receiver Profiles making them compatible on an international level. A centralised database is especially important for receiver manufacturers producing products destined for multiple markets and specifically the car industry where receivers must be harmonised for cross border use. What benefits does the ETI Library offer Broadcasters? Broadcasters can use the WorldDMB ETI files to check their own transmissions for conformity, further reducing the risk of inconsistent reception that could arise from complex configuration of the digital broadcasting systems ensuring receivers work to their optimum performance. The WorldDMB ETI Library is available to members only.

Featured Members’ News

HARRIS: – Norwegian operator contract Harris Corporation has received a multi-million dollar Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) digital radio contract from Norwegian broadcast network operator Norkring that will support the country’s analogue-to-digital radio broadcast transition. Norway intends to cease FM radio broadcasts in 2017, becoming the first country to plan a complete switch-off of all analogue FM services. After this date, the country will use DAB digital radio technology for all audio transmissions, including disaster and emergency services.

Frontier Silicon:- Frontier Silicon, a supplier of digital radio solutions announced in April that its sales volume of DAB/DAB+ modules and chipsets set a new record for the company in Q1 2012. Sales of these products have leapt forward by almost 20% compared to the same period in 2011. The market for DAB/DAB+ radios is increasing as various markets around the world move to digitize their radio services. Especially important was the successful launch of DAB+ services in Germany and Hong Kong during 2011.

VDL:- Multiplex MuxCo North East Wales and West Cheshire Ltd. has entered into an agreement with VDL to provide transmission services for the Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) multiplex for a period of 12 years from November 2012. The Wrexham, Chester and Liverpool DAB multiplex will broadcast BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Cymru, 107.6 Juice FM, Real Radio and Dee 106.3, allowing these existing services to both broadcast in digital quality and be heard by a wider audience than can currently hear them on FM Radio

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