Technical Committee Update

ISSUE 17 TCThe Technical Committee, chaired by Lindsay Cornell, convenesto oversee the standardisation of the DAB family of standards.It ensures that receiver equipment and broadcast technologies are compatible. The Technical Committee also upgrades andadvances the standard in line with other technical developments.Finally, the Technical Committee looks to future-proof all DABequipment (both receiver and broadcast based).

The latest work of the Technical Committee has been to overseethe approval of the Service Following guidelines which havenow been submitted to ETSI. WorldDMB members Arqiva, Audi,BBC, Bosch, Continental, Fraunhofer, Frontier Silicon, GlobalRadio, IRT, J&K Car Electronics, PURE and SRG SSR haveall contributed to setting definitions of what is mandatory andoptional for broadcasters and receivers.

A response from ETI is expected in the middle of 2012 andafter this the document will be released.

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