An update on the German digital radio market: One year on from launch

New research, new receivers and new marketing campaigns have all been released to coincide with the one year anniversary of DAB+ going on-air in Germany.

issue 18 noxon promoDigitalradio listening on the up

In a recent ratings report released in Bavaria, the positive reaction to digital radio from listeners has been measured. According to the analysis carried out for this report approximately 800,000 people in Bavaria listened to DAB+ channels during a two week period and some 200,000 people listened to at least one digital radio channel per day on an average week day. This is the first research carried out in Germany which analyses all available channels alongside FM services on-air and it is a positive sign that digital radio listening is increasing.

Digitalradio at the forefront of the biggest consumer electronics exhibition in Germany

At the 2012 consumer electronic exhibition, IFA, the German radio marketed celebrated the growth of DAB+ digital radio and the introduction of even more DAB+ products into the market.

More digital radios could be seen on exhibition stands than ever before. With this in mind WorldDMB took a group of VIP guests from Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Poland and Sweden to the IFA event to showcase the development of digital radio in Germany. These key decision makers were given demonstrations of products, new digital radio functionality and information on how the German market has co-operated to bring digital radio to the listener.

The event was a great success with all of the guests exchanging knowledge, networking and learning about the services provided by WorldDMB members and the Project Office.


Digital radio was high up on the agenda at this year’s IFA with more digital radio booths with demonstrations of services available than ever before.

NDR, the public broadcaster in northern Germany, has hosted its fourth retail digital radio briefing session for 100 retailers from the north part of Germany. Three promotional events have been held in hamburg, hannover and Schwerin, bringing together retailers with experts from the digital radio industry to inform and educate them on the new services and features. Retailers are in turn then able to inform consumers of all the benefits of digital radio.

Consumer marketing in the run up to Christmas

A new TV marketing campaign has been launched by the Bavarian public broadcaster, BR. A 50 second TV advertisement is being shown alongside radio advertising and an online competition with 99 digital DAB+ digital radios as prizes. This promotion is due to finish in October.

PURE, the world’s leading supplier of digital radios, announced in August its commitment to invest a million Euros in marketing leading up to Christmas 2012. The majority of this investment will be made in promotional campaigns by the main broadcasters in Germany. The broadcast partners include Regiocast, Die neue Welle, Relaxation Radio, Energy and ERF Norform. The campaign will run across all media – radio, television, in print and online.

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