18th WorldDMB General Assembly – Celebrating a year of successes and individuals in Germany

Joan Warner award

The Award for Outstanding Services to Digital Radio 2012
was awarded to Joan Warner, CEO of CRA and Chairperson
of the WorldDMB Asia Pacific Committee and WorldDMB
Steering Board member

The WorldDMB 2012 General Assembly took place in Leipzig, a media  hub of Germany. The event was attended by over 100 international  delegates from as far afield as China, Australia and America. The  conference programme focused heavily on the key strategic areas for  WorldDMB; Germany, the automotive industry, working with the retail  industry and marketing to the consumer, second generation standards  and digital radio in car, with emphasis on the developments made by  the WorldDMB Technical Committee in the areas of service following  and linking.

The General Assembly was also an opportunity to mark the  achievements and contributions made by digital radio proponents. The  2012 WorldDMB Award for outstanding services to Digital Radio was  awarded to Joan Warner, Chief Executive officer of Commercial Radio  Australia, Chairperson of the WorldDMB Asia Pacific Committee and  WorldDMB Steering Board member.

In receiving this award Joan Warner was recognised as a change  agent who has made a significant contribution to the development  of digital radio broadcasting in the Asia-Pacific region, and globally.  Acknowledged as a visionary by the digital radio industry, Joan has  overseen the successful implementation of digital radio for commercial  radio broadcasters across Australia. Today Australia has a thriving  digital radio broadcasting industry with all the major commercial  networks and stations airing a variety of stations on digital radio along  with national public broadcasters ABC and sBs stations. over a million   DAB+ receivers have been sold and over with 1.3 million people tune  into a DAB+ device each week.

The text-book launch of digital radio in Australia three years ago has  become a benchmark for best practice and the success of digital  radio in Australia has provided impetus for other countries to pursue  their own implementation of digital radio. Joan is at the forefront  of encouraging and supporting these countries through hosting  delegations, running workshops, technology  demonstrations and  speaking regularly at international and regional conferences.


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