Digital Radio and the Automotive Industry

8205821164_86d5b02e95WorldDMB calls for the automotive industry to include DAB digital radio as standard at the 4th European Automotive Event

The 4th WorldDMB European Automotive  Event was hosted at the Federal Ministry  for Transport, Construction and Urban  Development on 14 November 2012 in Berlin.

Discussions centered on future trends in the  connected car. Jørn Jensen, WorldDMB  President, emphasised the message that in-car  digital radio should be all about the consumer.  He said ‘Digital radio is now standardising in  Europe and WorldDMB wants to see digital  radio come as standard in cars to meet  consumer demand. To do this the broadcast  and automotive industries need to continue  working together and WorldDMB provides a  framework for this partnership’. An update  on the work of the WorldDMB Technical  Committee’s on service Following and Linking  was given by Lindsay Cornell, Principal  systems Architect for the BBC’s Future Media  division and WorldDMB Technical Committee  Chairman.

8204732139_46a0fb0c65During a panel discussion ‘Connecting  platforms – hybrid and what does this mean’  Ralf Hinz, Project Manager for radio and TV  from Daimler AG highlighted the possibilities of  adding new functionalities and opportunities for  additional data from the internet for broadcast  radio. Keynote speaker Thomas Kusche,   senior Editor at Westdeutscher Rundfunk  (WDR) spoke of the proactive role that the ARD has taken with regards to the launch of digital  radio in-car with an emphasis on the hybrid  solution combined with DAB+.

Further updates on the European market was  provided and examples of automotive and  broadcaster collaborations were presented.  An Australian perspective on the progress of  digital radio was provided by Joan Warner,  CEO of Commercial Radio Australia who  called for automotive manufacturers to cater  for consumer demand for digital radio in-car in  Australia just as they were now doing for the  European market.

All the presentations from this event are  available in the WorldDMB website in the  Member’s Area.



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