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Issue 14 UKDigital radio platform listening stands at 31.3% of radio listening hours (RAJAR Q3 2012) – up 6% year on year.


Today, digital radio already has wide coverage:  94% of the population is predicted to receive  BBC national stations on digital, 85% can N receive commercial national stations and  around 66% of the population is predicted to  receive local and regional stations on digital.

The Memorandum of Understanding on Local  DAB funding established a two phase plan for  the launch of 13 new local DAB multiplexes.

These new local multiplexes will bring 7.5  million people into local DAB coverage  for the first time. The first phase involves  the launch of 7 new local multiplexes by  the end of 2013 while the second phase covers the later launch of 6 further new local multiplexes in accordance with the switchover implementation plan.

– DAB maintains its strong growth as the  dominant digital platform representing  20.4% of all radio listening hours, up  from 18% in Q3 2011.

 – on a weekly basis, DAB now reaches  15.3 million UK adults, up 10% from  13.9 million in Q3 2011. DAB listening  hours have reached a record 209 million,  up 8% year on year, representing 65.2%  of all digital listening hours.

– 42% of the population now has a DAB  digital radio set, up from 39.4% in Q3  2011. This equates to 22 million adults  now having a DAB digital radio, up 7%  year on year. Latest Q3 GfK digital radio  sales data released today shows that   digital radio sales were up 10.6% in the  quarter to september 2012.

– 33.3% of new cars currently have DAB  included as standard. (CAP/sMMT Q4  2012) covers the later launch of 6 further new local  multiplexes in accordance with the switchover  implementation plan.

Services on Air

There are two regular national multiplexes  (one BBC and one national commercial), 10  regular regional multiplexes and 38 regular local  multiplexes on air.

Receiver Market

Latest Q3 GfK digital radio sales data released  shows that digital radio sales were up 10.6% in  the quarter to September 2012. 33.3% of new  cars currently have DAB included as standard.

There are hundreds of digital radio products  on the market in the UK being sold through a  large number of high street and online retailers  as well as most of the big electrical chains. The  lowest cost receivers are sold at under GBP20,  with well-known brands from GBP25.

A variety of digital radios can be viewed at

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