Issue 20: Towards a cost effective, efficient network rollout

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When planning for network rollout many factors need to be taken into account to ensure that it is done efficiently, effectively and that the money available is invested wisely. The first steps are to ensure that the digital radio standards being adopted and being upgraded to are suitable. They must be robust  and versatile as they will have to meet the many different requirements set out by governments, regulators, the broadcasting industry and the end user – the consumer.

Over 40 countries have adopted the standard and each is unique, each with their own approach to digital radio network rollout. However, what is accepted by these unique markets is that the DAB family of standards offerings surpass that of other technologies available and matches each of their own unique requirements, demonstrating the versatility of the standard.

The technology has been widely agreed upon, as can be demonstrated during the Digital Radio Summit in Geneva where the European Broadcasting Union released its new technical recommendation (R 138 Digital Radio Distribution in Europe).  The recommendation favoured DAB+ for European states to adopt in the future and was released to encourage more digital radio programming across Europe.

While the DAB family of standards is the recommended technology for the European market and being widely adopted by countries in the Asia Pacific region we must realise that no single approach is the right one when undertaking implementation of the technology. The processes vary from market to market and are dependent on factors such as population size, service requirements, topography, availability of spectrum and investment available for the process.

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