Europe: Country News Summary (Issue 20)

europeThe latest news from the following countries shows that the growth of digital radio in the European market is maintaining its momentum successfully.


Polskie Radio plans to launch the first public permanent DAB+ multiplex in October this year to reach cover 90% of the population until the end of 2015. The multiplex is to contain simulcast national programs as well new, unique programs present only in digital as well as regional programs produced by 17 regional public radio stations. Some part of the bandwidth will be reserved for a datacasting and new services provided by the DAB+ standard. The National Broadcasting Council is very active in the process and there are plans to get Polish government involved in.

Czech Republic

A professional organisation to help move digital radio forward in the Czech Republic has been formed by the following companies:

– Ceske Radiokomunikace
– Cesky rozhlas,
– Gama Media,
– Lagardere Active,
– Londa,
– Radio Proglas,
– RTI,
– SeeJay Radio
– Teleko

Areas of focus of work for the newly formed organisation will include:

-increasing the penetration of household and car digital radio receivers

-increasing media coverage of digital radio broadcasting

– working for a firm commitment to the DAB+ radio system in legislation

DAB radio signals currently cover about half the population of the Czech Republic; listeners can already receive up to 17 digital radio stations. The programs offered and the coverage will continue to expand. L-band is used for DAB broadcasting in the Czech Republic, which has significantly lower coverage performance when compared with frequencies in Band III which is now vacant following the analogue TV switch-off.


Coverage of DAB in the Netherlands is currently at 70% of households and in September, the Netherlands will see the launch of DAB+ services by both public and private broadcasters.

NPO has committed to extend the network with a further 14 transmitter sites by September 2015. By September 2017, the network will be further extended with an additional 24 transmitter sites, enabling good indoor reception in virtually all of the Netherlands.

Work has already started on the construction of the DAB transmitter network of the national commercial radio stations and the first transmitters are to be switched on in June this year.

September 2016: If more than 50% of house holds receive DAB then an FM switch off moment will be  determined and will most likely take in 2023.

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