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Poznań Media EXPO 2013 - 1

The 5th Poznan Media Expo (PME) was held 5-7 April in Poznan, Poland. This annual event is dedicated to the issues surrounding electronic media, particularly to digital radio and television.

This year a special conference session enabled delegates to discuss the current and future situation of digital radio. The session NOW RADIO! was a  continuation of the successful conference held in Wroclaw in May 2012.

The session NOW RADIO! was focused on the future of DAB+, the standard of choice for Polish digital radio broadcasting. It was organised by WorldDMB, the Ministry of Administration and Digitization who worked in partnership with the National Broadcasting Council. Special thanks goes to the support of Harris, Kathrein, Spinner and Ingenieurbüro Mulka, who in cooperation with Radio Wroclaw enabled live demonstration of DAB+ to be put on air. A display of many different digital radio receivers from different brands allowed delegates to experience the new digital radio technology and to discover the enhanced sound quality.  Delegates also had the opportunity to  play around with the receivers to discover how easy digital radio is to use.

Highlights of the event included a detailed overview of the situation of digital radio development in European countries with news from the current development of digital radio. Michael Reichert, Head of Project Office Digitalradio in Germany provided a very positive message of digital radio in one of the newest digital radio markets and spoke about future network rollout plans and marketing campaigns.

First public permanent DAB+ multiplex to be launched

The event also saw an important announcement made by a representative of Polskie Radio, the national public broadcaster. Polskie Radio plans to launch the first public permanent DAB+ multiplex on October this year to reach cover 90% of the population until the end of 2015. The multiplex is to contain simulcast national programs as well new, unique programs present only in digital as well as regional programs produced by 17 regional public radio stations. Some part of the bandwidth will be reserved for a datacasting and new services provided by the DAB+ standard. The National Broadcasting Council is very active in the process and there are plans to get Polish government involved in.

Poznan Media Expo is an industry and consumer exhibition to show equipment and services and this year for the first time had a broader international feel with exhibitor’s and speakers from further afield such as from Denmark, Germany and the UK.

If the implementation of the first permanent DAB+ multiplex is successfully launched later this year we will see next years conference most probably wholly devoted to the topic of digital radio.

Mirek Ostrowski
Technical Director
Radio Wroclaw SA



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