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The next DAB+ trial launches Poland

radio_szczecinPolskie Radio Szczecin launches a DAB+ pilot to demonstrate new features and the great potential of digital radio.

Polskie Radio Szczecin, the Polish public radio broadcaster commenced their march towards a digital future on 1st May,  realising that this is the only way forward for radio broadcasting.

The goal of the DAB+ trial is to inform listeners living in the north-west region of Poland about new possibilities and advantages brought by DAB+,  a technology that is being adopted across Europe and much of Asia Pacific.

DAB+ is the most suitable technology for digital radio broadcasting across Europe as recommended by the European Broadcasting Union in R 138, and WorldDMB. DAB+  enables broadcasters to extend their program offerings and also delivers new opportunities such as data services, texts, pictures, electronic program guides and much more. DAB+ also assures superb audio quality and quality reception.

The pilot trial license is initially for twelve months but it is expected that after this period the broadcaster will ensure permanent services are launched in the future.

Many promotional events are being planned to raise awareness and let consumers experience the benefits of digital radio first hand.  DAB+ will be presented as a green technology, which is to be the standard for the whole of Europe.

Some technical facts of the trial

– Transmitting site RTCN Szczecin/Kolowo
– Frequency in Band III: 225,648 MHz
– Transmitter manyfacturer: Electrolink
– Antena system manufacturer: Zarat
– Antenna supention height: 228 m above ground level
– Antena system polar pattern: directional
– Equivalent Radiated Power: 9 kW ERP

Services in the MUX:
– Radio Szczecin
– Polskie Radio Jedynka
– Polskie Radio Dwojka
– Polskie Radio Trojka
– Polskie Radio Czworka
– Radio dla Ciebie
-Radio Kielce

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