Aves Digital: A perspective from a new player on the digital radio receiver market

Aves Digital LogoAves Digital is a new brand to the UK market, we started in September 2012 with a range of consumer electronics products which includes DAB+ Digital Radios. The company is a subsidiary of Hong Kong based, Tunbow Group.

Tunbow have nearly 20 years’ experience of manufacturing high-quality products with the latest technology. Utilizing our group manufacturing and sourcing expertise, we are able to respond to the ever changing world of technology and with it the needs and wants of consumers and retailers by bringing product to market in a timely manner which cater for the demand of the latest technology.

There is definitely an upward momentum for DAB Digital Radio in the UK, which is being fuelled by several key factors;

  • A growing awareness amongst the general population of the clear benefits of having a DAB Digital radio versus a traditional analogue radio.
  • An increase in coverage, with the launch of many new multiplexes, will improve the quality of the DAB signal experienced by the end user and the number of homes which can now actually receive crystal clear DAB Digital Radio signal across the country.
  • The quality and number of digital only stations. Music stations such as; 6Music and the decade centric Absolute stations (Absolute 80’s/90’s etc…) and Sporting event stations such as; 5Live Olympics Extra.
  • An increase in the number of retailers now offering consumers a wider choice of DAB Digital Radios from sub £30 to over £100.
  • Of course let’s not forget the good work done by DRUK and the consumer facing multi-platform DLOVE media campaign.

DAB maintains its strong growth as the dominant digital platform representing a record 24% of all radio listening hours. DAB now reaches 18.4 million UK adults each week, up from 15 million in Q2 2012. DAB listening hours have reached a record 246 million, up 18% year on year, representing two thirds of all digital listening hours.

This latest data shows a definite and sustained shift to digital listening. Significantly, the share of analogue listening in the UK is now at its lowest ever, at 58.6% of listening hours, including in-car listening.

Despite all of the positives which have already happened to get us to where we are today, there is still a long way to go before DAB sets completely replace traditional FM analogue only sets. Which therefore presents a big opportunity for all involved in the DAB Digital Radio Industry; 45.7% of the UK population has a DAB Radio, which means a sizeable 54.3% of the UK population are potential customers! And of course there are the repeat purchase new sets for those members of the population who already have DAB radio sets!!

Educating the general population on the benefits of DAB versus analogue is key to driving the category forward. This is a joint responsibility of all involved: Brands/Retailers/The Radio Industry and Industry bodies such as DRUK in clearly communicating to consumers why they must buy a DAB radio now!

280931_STANDARD__MAS_20130613The planned UK tick mark will be a positive for the DAB Radio category in terms of a communication tool and further add weight to the credibility of the DAB Digital Radio category.

However, the real catalyst in the UK will come when the UK Government confirms the switch over to DAB date. Once the date is announced, we believe there will be a significant surge in the number of DAB Digital Radio sales.

The UK government has confirmed that it is committed to making an in-principle decision on a radio switchover at the end of this year. Government has set a criterion for digital to account for 50% of listening to set a date for a future radio switchover. Based on the current rate of growth, digital listening is projected to be 40% by end of 2013, and 50% by the second half of 2015.

In a short space of time we have established the Aves brand as a credible player, in the DAB Digital Radio category. There is no doubt that the future for radio in the UK is digital and we very much look forward to being part of the exciting journey and providing the consumer with fantastic looking and great sounding products at an affordable price.

John Cohring
General Manager 



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