BMW: a car manufacturer’s view on digital radio in car

BMW Logo Radio has been the most important entertainment source in the vehicle for many years. It offers linear, moderated programmes and via terrestrial broadcast it enables information to be disseminated economically to many listeners at the same time.

The advantages of digitisation of radio in car
Digital radio is well suited for mobile use. The technology is robust, SFN-ready, energy-saving and more importantly allows for additional and value-added services.

Exploiting the digital potential

DAB/ DAB+ allows for:

screenShotImg_20120513_151859_1062839763 screenShotImg_20120513_143633_1827992444
• Standardised tags and (meta-) data (DL+): Song title, Artist Name, Album Cover, Internet links, iTunes, EPG, etc.
• Visual content: Cover art, visual radio, slide shows
• Data downloads and interactive content: Journaline, BWS, traffic jam data, maps, news
• Announcements
2013-08-28_16h01m27s479ms• Asynchronous short messages
• Traffic announcements
• Including high-resolution traffic data
• Control data for service following and platform-switching
• Support of handover between multicast services: FM DAB WEB

All that counts is what reaches the listener – and this is clear, easily accessible and user friendly information both visually and in audio.

The DAB+ offering from BMW Group
DAB+ is available in all BMW Group markets and models. In Autumn 2010, the BMW Group switched its digital radio offering completely to DAB+.

Digital radio offers considerable potential for overtaking analogue radio 
Digital radio is the right technology for vehicles. From the viewpoint of BMW the car industry is very well-equipped to exploit the multimedia potential across regions – preferably in the whole DAB coverage area.

Web radio or OnDemand services are useful as an add-on, but should not be seen as a replacement for conventional terrestrial broadcast radio.

Bertram Hock 
Section Manager Broadcast
BMW Group



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