Issue 21: Opportunities in DAB+ now a reality

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The DAB family of standards are no longer spoken of in terms of what the technology could offer consumers, broadcasters and government. No longer is there speculation DAB+ could offer cost savings, new content and monetary opportunities. The technology is proven and in place, with plenty of experience from around the world to guide system and service design and we talk about where and how consumers, broadcasters and governments are benefiting from the switch to digital radio using DAB+.

Countries across Europe and Asia Pacific have and are still in the process of adopting the standard and there are innumerable examples that both established and new markets can refer to when undertaking their own digital radio transition. You can read about the experiences of these different markets, for example Australia, Germany and Switzerland.

Each market’s switch to digital radio is unique with different requirements needed for consumers, broadcasters and government and there is now an abundance of case studies and market data that provides new markets making the switch to digital an easier process. While case studies are vitally important for the different markets in making a smooth digital radio transition it is vital that there is a healthy and diverse receiver market that offer affordable choices. The DAB+ receiver market is certainly that with styles suited to all different tastes and available on in the market from as low as 20 Euro (25 USD).

While DAB+ is a reality, one area where progress has and is still being made is in the automotive sector. Automotive manufacturers are increasingly starting to see the benefits of offering DAB+ in car and this has led to an increase in the number of automotive manufacturers who are offering digital radio in car and also the number of automotive manufacturers who are now joining WorldDMB. Read about the perspectives of one of WorldDMB’s newest automotive members on DAB+ in car here.

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