Paneda DAB – Disaster Break-in System for tunnels

logoIn April this year the Paneda DAB, which is a part of the Paneda-group, was the winner of the public tender from the Norwegian National Road Authorities for upgrading the existing broadcasting systems in tunnels from FM to DAB including disaster Break-in systems.

This tender is the first upgrading-tender in Norway and consists of 7 tunnels in the south- east part of Norway.

The System, which is named Paneda Disaster Break-in System (PDBS), has been developed for several years in collaboration with a Korean partner. Paneda DAB has developed most of the hardware, while the Koreans have developed some of the software for the PDBS. The PDBS is integrated in a FM- and DAB broadcasting system for tunnels.

The PDBS consists of two boxes, each one unit high for one ensemble. In Norway it is two ensembles which have to be broadcasted.

Paneda DAB has also developed a complete remote monitoring system for broadcasting facility including PDBS.

dbs_paneda_grå_fullThe package from Paneda DAB consists of a complete broadcasting system for FM, DAB and seamless disaster break-in system, including a remote monitoring system. The monitoring system is connected to the Paneda service centre by internet.

The PDBS works like this; if an accident occurs in a tunnel, then the traffic control centre, or emergency services speaks directly into the radio in the cars which are inside the tunnel. When someone activates the system and speak a message, this message will take over the content sent to all FM- , DAB stations and the car stereo. This happens seamlessly, that means without any timeouts.PANEDA

This technology is very complicated and there are only a few companies in the world at present that have managed to develop this system. The Paneda-group is proud to be one of these companies, and especially that they have won the first contract that has been realized in Norway until today.

The system is highly relevant because of several recent nasty accidents in Norwegian tunnels. The installation of the PDBS is currently ongoing for 7 tunnels in Norway.

Paneda DAB AS
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