Regulation and Spectrum Update (Issue 21)

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Key elements to consider when rolling out DAB+ digital radio

The DAB family of standards is the digital radio technology of choice across Europe and much of Asia Pacific and as a consequence we have numerous case studies of how regulators approach the task of allocating frequencies in a diverse range of different markets.

The following points could be understood as today’s key regulatory elements influencing successful digital radio development as learned from countries who have already adopted DAB+ and where services are on air every day:

Set a switch off date
Switch-off date of analogue radio based on the right parameters is the hot topic in the countries with digital radio implementation near the end stage. This way the support of government is declared e.g. in Norway, Sweden, UK and Denmark.

Set a clear switch over strategy
Strategy for analogue / digital radio switch over gives valuable information for broadcasters and transmitters operators. It is important to set DAB+ as the technology

Public broadcasters to set an example
Strategy for public broadcasting should describe governmental and financial support of the digital radio key player. Plans of public broadcasters are copied by commercial sector in some countries. Coverage obligation and possible own multiplex designation are some of the elements of strategy.

Plan for a comprehensive coverage plan
Regulatory requirements for coverage of rural areas, highways, tunnels and other problematic places are important for business planning.

Set a clear switch over roadmap
Discussion between the regulatory office and commercial subjects about business plans, multiplexes selection procedures, timing, solution for big broadcasters and local and small stations, language stations as well as capacity for newcomers is basement for strategy preparation.

Plan your spectrum allocations in advance
Spectrum strategy for access to Band III, availability of GE06 TV allotments for digital radio, coordination of assignments over GE06.

Licensing Digital Services
Content licenses which are valid for FM band will be in force for digital radio.

The developments of the DAB family of standards in different markers including that of regulation is continuously monitored by the Regulatory and Spectrum Committee of WorldDMB.

Radim Soukenka
WorldDMB Regulatory & Spectrum Committee Consultant



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