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Interest in DAB+ in the Asia Pacific Region reached an all time high last year and the focus throughout 2014 will be to capitalise on the momentum created through the series of technical workshops conducted.

The technical workshops in Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand proved to be an outstanding success in providing valuable information and importantly, hands on demonstrations of the technology. Each workshop ended with a number of recommendations and in 2014. WorldDMB will now follow up with more detailed and tailored information for each region.

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) in Thailand has announced it will sign a memorandum of understanding with MCOT, the Public Relations Department and the Royal Thai Army at the end of January, to conduct a year-long trial of digital radio broadcasting. NBTC may auction around 4,000 DAB+ digital radio licences early in 2015. Relationships developed during the technical workshops with Thai broadcasters, regulators and with the ITU Asia Pacific office will allow information sharing through the next phase of digital radio development in Thailand and the region. Trial broadcasts produce a different range of information requests around content, marketing and promotion of digital radio services.

Indonesian, Deputy Director General for Special Telecommunication Services, Ms Woro Indah Widiastuty presented the Indonesian Digital Radio Road Map at the Commercial Radio Australia National Radio Conference in October last year. A DAB+ trial is planned by MCIT in collaboration with public broadcaster RRI. The joint trial is intended to prepare suitable regulation and frequency allocation. MCIT plans to give 1,000 DAB+ digital radio receivers away for free to listeners to access the trial.

In other developments, a new digital committee has been formed in Malaysia and plans are well underway for a DAB+ technical workshop and drive test in Kuala Lumpur. A preliminary planning meeting was conducted at the end of 2013 to discuss workshop requirements and review existing transmission sites and services. A two day workshop covering information on DAB+ activity internationally, network planning, the benefits of going digital and a look at structure and regulatory considerations, will be followed by live field test using the existing trial services from RTM and the commercial participants for demonstrations in the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

The Kuala Lumpur workshop will be conducted from 28 February – 3 March, just prior to the ABU Digital Symposium from 4-7 March also in Kuala Lumpur. WorldDMB is principal sponsor of the ABU Digital Symposium and will provide speakers on how by embracing new technology developments such as DAB+, can assist in creating new opportunities for the radio industry. WorldDMB will present the largest display of DAB+ digital radio receivers available in the market place, with a showcase of DAB+ in-car, handheld, portable, screen based and mini Hi Fi systems.

South Korea
Korean broadcasters, MBC, visited Sydney at the end of last year and left strongly committed to working with other major Korean broadcasters, SBS and KBS to plan their digital radio future and to establish an industry body similar to CRA to coordinate joint activity and policy development. Korea’s adoption of the DAB+ standard would provide extra stimulus to Korean manufacturers’ Samsung, LG, Hyundai and Kia to support DAB+ internationally.

An updated Developments in DAB+ DVD has been produced and translated into Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, Indonesian and Vietnamese and is available on the industry section of The Korean version is also available on You Tube.

A series of meetings is being set up for the new President of WorldDMB, Mr Patrick Hannon, when he visits the region in March for the Kuala Lumpur DAB+ Technical Workshop and delivers the Keynote address at the ABU’s Digital Broadcasting Symposium, Embracing Technological Innovations, 4-7 March 2014..

Other countries in the region interested in hosting a DAB+ Technology and Transmission workshop should contact WorldDMB Asia Pacific Chair, Ms Joan Warner on

Joan Warner 
Commercial Radio Australia 



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