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2013 was ended with the Project Office bidding farewell to the outgoing WorldDMB President, Jørn Jensen and welcoming the new president Patrik Hannon. I would like to thank Jørn for all his support and guidance to the Project Office and to WorldDMB members during his presidency. We welcome Patrick Hannon as he takes up the role of responsibility as the new WorldDMB President and begins to guide the Project Office into 2014.

2013 was a year full of activity and accomplishments and has the set expectations high for 2014. The next six months of 2014 sees the WorldDMB Project Office host events and workshops in Hungary, France, Malaysia, Ireland, Turkey, Italy,  Cape Town and Arab countries to name just a few. As we look forward to a busy next six months we will keep in mind some of the key challenges that are being tackled by WorldDMB, its members and digital radio stakeholders internationally. These challenges include bringing DAB+ into cars as standard. To encourage a wide selection of aftermarket solutions for older cars to be made readily available with more choice and at differing price point,  to pave the way for DAB into mobile phone handsets and to assist more countries in the move towards radio switch-over.

To address the automotive challenge we will look to maintain the momentum seen in markets such as the UK where 44% of all new cars now come with DAB/ DAB+ and replicate this momentum in other newer DAB/ DAB+ markets in Europe and Asia Pacific. With regards to making an impact on mobiles and digital radio integration, WorldDMB has been actively participating in several working groups which include leading broadcasters and the EBU. These working groups have entered dialogue with a number of handset manufacturer’s and mobile network operators.

The WorldDMB Project Office is here to help members in their efforts to grow the digital DAB/ DAB+ digital radio brand and will are on hand to provide resources and information. Join us at our various events throughout 2014 and grow your network of industry contacts. Visit our events page for more information on where you can network and help grow the DAB/ DAB+ network of industry stakeholders.

Bernie O’Neill
WorldDMB Project Director

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