Summary of Workshop on the Public Application of DMB at CQUPT in October 2013

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The Workshop on the Public Application of DMB, co-sponsored by WorldDMB and Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications(CQUPT) was held on the  CQUPT  campus on 21st – 23rd, October, 2013. Over 100 delegates were in attendance, with many CQUPT staff and students joining in to learn about the benefits of digital radio and the growth of the standard internationally. Other delegates came from other international organisations such as IDAG, Fraunhofer, Beijing Jolon, VTV Broadcom, Amaryllo, FCI Haier, and Unication.

Prof. G Wang opened the workshop with his opening key note “Direction of future DAB, personal or public?” during which he suggested there should be more of a focus on DAB research from personal radios to public applications due to the fact that the personal electronics market has been dominated by mobile phone sets, PCs and internet devices. DAB+ technology can be more easily utilised for public applications than any other communication techniques. This new direction will open a massive market for use of the DAB+ technology in addition to the already established DAB+ device market.

Findings from a public service DAB+ demo on the university campus at CQUPT
Public application refers to public-service information-provision operated by the authorities. Instead of personal radios, public terminals such as public loudspeakers and LCD screens can be utilized mainly to receive and display text and pictures as well as voice and video. For example, DAB+ used on campus as an alarm and rescue management system is a good example of how it could be applied as a public service application.

CQUPT is implementing DAB+ for educational purposes and a demonstration of how it could be applied was arranged around the University campus for the workshop. The demo allowed for text, pictures, audio and video to be broadcast via DAB to all students in the different classrooms simultaneously, something which no other network. In addition during the demo of the services on campus it was quickly recognized how easy it was to use, maintain and that it was also very cost effective and most importantly reliable. All these advantages make DAB technology the best multimedia solution for use in universities and schools.

Demonstrating the alarm functionality
A demo using the alarm functionality offered by DAB+ was arranged during the workshop. All public terminals were woken up within one minute of the alarm being initiated and were able to deliver sound, text, picture to such affect that no one could ignore it!

The multimedia communication based on DAB was demonstrated too. This functionality would be critical if all traffic, communication and internet are cut off as a result of serious disasters whether man made or natural. These results of the demonstrations not only impressed participants, but also caught the attention of local government officers. A city branch director in charge of emergency and rescue led a professional team at the workshop to view the on air demonstrations during the workshop with great interest. Their attendance, questions and interest in the possibilities offered by the DAB+ applications demonstrated that the technology is of real interest to experts in the field of public service announcements.

The workshop also saw Jørn Jensen, President of WorldDMB providing an overview on the progress of DAB rollout internationally and Gunnar Garfors, President of IDAG provided the delegates with information on other uses of the DAB+ family of standards in his presentation “Diversity and flexibility of Eureka-147”. Alexander Zink from Fraunhofer gave a talk on DAB’s core EWF functionality while Dr. H Zhang from CQUPT introduced Emergency communication based on DAB. Drs. M Wu from Amaryllo presented on the “ Smart & Green City,Mobility, emergency & infrastructure via DAB”.

The event concluded with Mr. J Yao and Dr. M Lu introducing Chongqing’s Unication service for public terminals which also showed that it was a low cost and energy efficient solution when used via personal DAB+ radio sets.

Professor. Guoyu Wang


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