Issue 23: Digital Radio Switchover and driving digital listening in cars

Digital Radio Switchover This edition of Eureka! looks at factors influencing Digital Switchover from a number of global perspectives, an update from the Regulation and Spectrum Committee, the Smart Radio Initiative and the current situation in Asia Pacific.  We also take a look at the latest developments to increase in-car listening. 

WorldDMB and its members are focused on assisting countries in their implementation of digital radio in their territories by sharing best practice solutions and case studies. Examples in this edition from Europe and Asia demonstrate how DAB+ has been received positively. The main objective is to now achieve a smooth transition from analogue to digital.

In this issue of Eureka!  you will find examples and opinions on all of the industry from manufactures to broadcasters and roll out bodies as we look at the issues affecting Digital Switchover and the steps being taken to achieve the objectives that have been formulated together with Government. The latest market update on Asia Pacific focuses on the key messages presented at Radio Asia, Columbo and the Climate Change Summit in Jakarta . The role of DAB+ in emergency situations was discussed at the first Media Summit on Climate Change whereby examples of how effective DAB+ slide show could be in disseminating warnings and traffic updates where shown and examined .

An overview of the EBU’s Smart Radio Initiative provides an insightful overview of the initiative and the factors that are currently driving the plan forward to provide mobile listeners with access to digital broadcast radio without incurring high data cost.

The recent automotive event in Zürich and a commentary from Digital Radio UK’s Technology Development Director demonstrate the progression that has been made to drive the the growth of digital listening in cars. Initiatives are being made to provide clearer listening through service following and give listeners reassurance and guidance on the standard of in car digital receivers as more new cars are being sold with digital radio fitted as standard due to market demands. The current activities taking place around the world to implement the DAB+ standard are driving a successful rollout with over 40 countries adopting this standard. Norway is currently on course to achieve a 100% digital radio network coverage, which country be next?


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WorldDAB is the global forum for digital radio, facilitating the adoption and implementation of digital broadcast radio based on DAB, DAB+. Its membership includes public and commercial broadcasters, network providers, receiver, chip and car manufacturers.

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