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kath-brownKath Brown, Head of Strategic Development, Commercial Australia discusses the current project to provide a guide to the DAB+ radio user interface for vehicles.

As DAB+ is deployed into automobiles, a range of user interfaces have been developed.

Some have now been through several iterations and have developed intuitive and easy to use operating interfaces while others have addressed digital radio in much the same way as analogue and have consequently not provided a good user experience. 

Based on Commercial Radio Australia’s extensive receiver testing over many years a “best practice” document has been developed to provide guidance on the characteristics of the DAB+ radio user interface for vehicles.

The paper explains:

  • DAB+ terminology, basic features and functions
  • Advanced functions including TPEG, service linking, announcement support
  • User interface
    • Initial access
    • Scanning & presentation of services, service lists
    • Colour screens
    • Presentation of advanced information
    • Colour screens
    • Presentation of advanced information
  • Hybrid DAB+ features
  • After market products
  • Antenna placement
  • Recommendations
  • Product testing guidance
  • Lists of relevant standards & glossary

The paper aims to start a dialogue with the automotive industry and Tier one OEM suppliers which sets the foundation for working collaboratively on developing integrated, infotainment solutions in the connected car.

With 33% of radio listening in car, radio remains the primary source of entertainment and is particularly critical for reliable traffic and emergency information over robust, free to air networks.  Time Spent Listening to radio and the number of total listeners to broadcast DAB+ digital radio is significantly more than listening on streaming services which would not have the capacity to take all radio listening on their networks, especially not in peak breakfast and drive timeslots.

Broadcast DAB+ digital radio offers new features and functionality and interactivity.   This hybrid form of broadcast radio allows listeners to engage with broadcast content and continue to interact with radio on social media more than most they do with other brands or infotainment platforms.

Listeners actively connect with talent, music and issues – which makes collaboration with broadcasters essential for manufacturers keen to develop use cases and viable business cases for the connected car.

The radio industry in Australia would be happy to establish collaborative working groups with automotive manufacturers, OEMs & suppliers to explore these exciting opportunities.

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