Issue 24 (December 2014): Digital Radio – The momentum is growing

Newtons-Cradle_-Evonne-(Flickr-credit)-500pxWorldDMB was established with the objective of facilitating the adoption and development of the DAB family of standards. In this time, the digital broadcasting industry has continued to progress, with 2014 experiencing significant developments and growth across Europe and Asia Pacific. 

This year, there have been notable achievements for digital radio including DAB+ launches in France and Monaco, and FM switch off requirements being met in Norway.  Planned workshops and trials across Asia, Africa and Arab States, demonstrate the enthusiasm to adopt DAB broadcasting, influenced by success stories of its international introduction and adoption.  Within the automotive industry, the ability for the driver to listen to digital radio in car is being recognised as a priority as more leading manufacturers produce new cars with DAB as standard.

This edition of Eureka! looks at the efforts that have been employed this year to drive digital radio broadcasting forward. As we look to the year ahead, Eureka! presents recent developments with regional updates from Asia Pacific, the Arab States and Europe.  Opinions on the industry from the perspectives of technicians, the broadcaster, roll out bodies, the automotive industry provide an insight into how industries are reacting to the challenges of the market.

So what do we anticipate for 2015? What impact will the DAB family of standards have on other businesses and will how will DAB continue to innovate as markets evolve?


WorldDMB PresidentLetter from the President
The last four months have been an important period for the development of digital radio. The challenge for 2015 will be to build on this progress – in particular, we will look to strengthen our international presence and activities.

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Article: Marketing Digital radio – Securing the Future of DAB+
Digital Radio professionals from Australia, Italy and Switzerland share their marketing strategies and plans for the future.

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Article: Radio’s future is Hybrid – What do we need to do?
In this article we explore a number of Use Cases (UCs) for hybrid radio and discuss the benefits for listeners and how hybrid adds value for broadcasters. We also discuss what is needed to bring these compelling features to mainstream digital radio. 

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DAB-Roll-outArticle: EBU’s Digital Radio Toolkit – The Road to Success
To build the case for digital radio, EBU’s Media Intelligence Service and the Radio unit conducted a research identifying key success factors for radio digitisation. This so called ‘Digital Radio Toolkit’ offers guidelines on how to handle the launch of digital terrestrial radio, building on the experiences and good practices in the countries leading this process in Europe: Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

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Geneva island - Small scale DAB+Article: DAB+ for local and community radio stations
A decade ago, DAB was perceived by most local and community stations as an expensive transmission method unsuitable for them, with no future and locked by big broadcasters and operators. Since then,  opportunities for these stations to broadcast on DAB have become accessible in Switzerland and regular transmissions have started over Geneva in May 2014 and in Zurich in September 2014.

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Digital-Tick-MarkArticle: The UK Digital Radio Tick Mark
In June 2014, Digital Radio UK launched the Digital Radio Tick Mark, having been asked by the UK Government to do so. Now, six months later, Digital Radio UK has processed over 125 successful applications from 20 individual radio brands.



Market Update: Arab States
Within the Arab States, the FM spectrum is currently congested.  This is leading to continued pressure for an alternative and effective solution and Arab States broadcasters have chosen to adopt DAB+ as the delivery platform for digital audio broadcasting.

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Market Update: Asia Pacific
Interest in DAB+ in the region continues and planning activity is at an all time high. Adoption of DAB+ by the populous countries in the Asia Pacific will help reduce the cost of receivers, and drive the take up in Smartphones.



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Technical Committee Update
The Technical Committee’s role is to provide a focal point for members to discuss technical issues that affect the DAB family of standards and the various interfaces, applications and protocols. It has representatives from almost all WorldDMB member organisations and meets three times a year to progress the various tasks that form its workload.


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Regulation and Spectrum Committee Update
The discussion on the switch off of analogue radio and the transition to digital radio is under way. Some countries like Norway have already paved a clear path towards an all digital future and others, like Switzerland and Sweden have already presented their strategies.

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2nd WorldDMB Interoperability Workshop, IRT, Munich, 26th November 2014
The workshop took place ahead of the 48th Technical Committee meeting, which was held at the offices of IRT in Munich.

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WorldDMB General Assembly award

20th WorldDMB General Assembly, 4 – 5 November, Rome
The annual event was attended by a record 190 delegates from 23 countries.  Forty speakers from the broadcasting and media industry presented updates on the developments within DAB digital radio broadcasting and current initiatives and focused on driving digital radio adoption forward were also examined.

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WorldDMB Members Update
WorldDMB welcomes three new organisations and highlights the latest industry news from members.

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