Issue 26: Asia Pacific Update

joan warnerJoan Warner, Chair, WorldDAB Asia Pacific Committee & CEO of Commercial Radio Australia

The focus in the Asia Pacific at recent conferences in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok and Myanmar has been all about new ways of connecting and sharing with radio audiences.

Delivering content to large numbers all at the same time is what broadcast radio has been doing successfully for nearly a hundred years.   Radio broadcasters have a head start on the competition –  we have produced more content, more often and more cost-effectively since radio’s inception.

To enable broadcasters in the region to continue to innovate it is important there is a plan for transition to broadcast digital radio to enable even more interactivity with audiences.

This is where spectrum is key and broadcasters need to signal intentions to governments now to make sure they have spectrum allocated to allow them to choose a digital broadcast future – one that ensures that innovation in radio continues.  imagesBP3UJN2DFunding and consistent political leadership will drive the adoption but broadcasters need to work with government to make it happen, broadcasters need to tell governments that they are interested – even if not quite ready yet – to embrace a better broadcast technology. We look forward to ongoing development in the region.

Content creators need to use the reach and immediacy of free to air broadcast radio to extend the life of that content for maximum audience engagement across all platforms:  AM, FM, DAB+, in cars, online, in phones, on social media and on any other new device that comes to market.

Networks across the region are all building on the opportunities of social media to create a future where they create fan communities who engage with social content before, during and after their favourite show airs, and where they can use mobile commerce and real time voting to create new revenue opportunities through social platforms.

But all these opportunities start with great content. To reach new generations on multiple platforms it must be new, rich and relevant to audiences. Moreover, it must be accessible. Listeners across the Asia Pacific deserve robust and reliable free to air broadcast radio services.  Digital radio policy and planning must be progressed before the audiences find somewhere else to go.

The region is very positive about DAB+ and can see that it must be part of the digital future.  Tech savvy populations want more out of their entertainment but at little or no cost.

Broadcasters want to make the best use of spectrum and, importantly, continue to bring to hundreds of millions of listeners the free to air information, entertainment, sports, news, weather, and emergency information, with the reliability and robustness that listeners across the Asia Pacific expect and deserve.





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