Issue 26: WorldDAB Member’s Update


WorldDAB, Project Office

WorldDAB is proud to announce three new members since March 2015. The addition of equipment, signal generator and RF monitoring receiver manufacturer, IZT; premium-brand portable radio manufacturer, Roberts Radio; and Southern Africa’s digital broadcasting industry forum, SADIBA, further highlights the continuing growth of the DAB family of standards

New Members 

Since 1997, the Innovationszentrum für Telekommunikationstechnik GmbH IZT provides equipment for signal generation, receivers for signal monitoring and recording, transmitters for digital broadcast, digital radio systems and channel simulators. The DAB-specific product portfolio includes the IZT DAB ContentServer – a highly reliable professional broadcast system for DAB.  IZT GmbH website.

With a heritage of more than 80 years, and a reputation built on producing high-quality premium-brand radios for the consumer market, Roberts Radio Limited is the UK brand leader in portable radios with international sales in countries across the globe, including the USA. With a range of over 100 different DAB, analogue and internet radios and a commitment to constant improvement, Roberts leads the field in design, product development and innovation.  Roberts Radio website.

SADIBA (the Southern African Digital Broadcasting Association) is a voluntary industry forum dedicated to promoting the co-ordinated market driven introduction of digital broadcasting technologies in the Southern African region. SADIBA prides itself as the leading knowledge hub on digital broadcasting that significantly influences the successful introduction of digital technologies enhancing the quality of life of the citizens of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC).  SADIBA website.

WorldDAB Featured Member News

WorldDAB members have made significant advances over recent months. The stories listed below are just a small selection of some of the most exciting recent news stories from our members. To see the full list of news stories from WorldDAB members, please visit the newsfeed and filter the stories by ‘WorldDAB Members’.

Radio to plan digital extension to regional Australia
08.07.2015 – Commercial Radio Australia Australia

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has released a report which recommends establishing a Digital Radio Planning Committee for regional Australia, chaired by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).
(radioinfoRead more…

Czech Radio to launch DAB Praha
01.07.2015 – Czech Radio – Czech Republic

From 6th August, Czech Radio will go fully digital in Prague and it’s surrounding areas.
(Czech RadioRead more…

IZT expands its support for digital radio
29.06.2015 – Innovationszentrum für Telekommunikationstechnik GmbH IZT  – Germany

IZT expands its comprehensive support for Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) applications adding new features to its high performance S1000 signal generator family.
(IZT GmbH) Read more…

BBC DAB network reaches 96% of homes
25.06.2015 – British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

The BBC has confirmed that its national DAB network now reaches more than 96% of homes, just short of the 97% target to be reached by the end of the year.
(a516digital) Read more… 

Frontier Silicon powers new Smart automotive radio adapter
25.06.2015 – Frontier Silicon Ltd –  United Kingdom

Frontier Silicon has been chosen by Connects2 as the technology provider for its new automotive radio adapter, AutoDAB Smart.
(Frontier Silicon) Read more…

Radio France gives consideration to DAB+
22.06.2015 – Radio France – France 

DAB+ brings the same benefits as terrestrial digital TV: better quality of sound and more choice than on FM.
(france culture) Read more…

Yes to revising the LRTV
15.06.2015 – OFCOM – Switzerland 

The Swiss have adopted on 14 June 2015, the revision of the Radio and Television Act (RTA). This means among other things that additional funds can be used for training and digitization – including DAB+.
(OFCOM Switzerland) Read more…

Radio Soft now on air
11.06.2015 – Digitalradio Norge AS – Norway

Norway will now have a new national radio station, thus there are 23 nationwide radio channels in Norway. SBS Radio plays on Radio Soft from the stage in Oslo.
(Digitalradio Norge) Read more…

Media Broadcast confirms extension of digital radio
02.06.2015 – Media Broadcast GmbH – Germany

Network operator Media Broadcast will be expanding their DAB+ network with a completion date of 2016. “We aim to achieve uninterrupted coverage on roads, which sends an important signal to the automotive industry” says Thomas Wäechter, Head of Product Management, Radio Business Unit, Media Broadcast.
(Radio Woche) Read more…

Digital radio in Asia-Pacific
31.105.2015 – Commercial Radio Australia – Australia

During the RadioAsia 2015 conference in Myanmar, Commercial Radio Australia CEO Joan Warner shared the story of digital radio in Australia, and how radio companies cannot solely rely on telecommunication companies to provide reliable streaming services.
(Asia Radio Today) Read more…

Radio, less music more community with Facebook and Twitter audience and advertising
25.05.2015 – Club DAB Italia – Italy

Recent research on DAB radio notes that 7 million Italians know what digital radio is and that there are already more than one million receivers active in the market. The auto market is responding with 200 models with DAB radio.
(La Republica) Read more…

Britain passes Norway.  Two thirds of new cars in Britain now come with DAB as standard
28.04.2015 – Digitalradio Norge AS – Norway

75% of all newly registered cars in the UK now comes with DAB+ as standard or optional equipment. This number is higher than the figure from Norway. Norwegian car importers are now well under way to find solutions for upgrading FM radios, allowing car owners with old cars get good DAB upgrade options.
(DigitalRadio Norge) Read more…

Sony offering free headphones with DAB+ digital radio sales
21.04.2015 – Sony Corporation – Commercial Radio Australia – Australia

Sony is giving away a free pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones worth $200 with the purchase of a specific DAB+ digital radio in the lead-up to Mother’s Day. This gift with purchase is part of a wider awareness campaign for the technology that will run across 42 commercial radio stations between now and Sunday 10 May 2015.
(Appliance Retailer) Read more…

Upcoming member events and meetings

3rd WorldDAB Interoperability Workshop, Munich, 25 November 2015

The 51st Technical Committee Meeting will be held at IRT in Munich 26 November 2015 and the 3rd Interoperability Workshop will be held just before the TC plenary. Registration for these meetings is now open.

The interoperability workshop is an opportunity for members to bring equipment for testing new and existing features against ETI streams provided by others. Topics covered will include signalling, information presentation (text, images, …), multiplex reconfiguration and service following and service lists. The event will hopefully be characterised by huddles of experts discussing details, with good knowledge transfer.
For more details on the following meetings, you must be logged into the WorldDAB member’s area.

92nd Steering Board Meeting Hamburg, Germany, 21 – 22 September

WorldDAB General Assembly 2015 London, United Kingdom, 3 – 4 November

58th RSC meeting, Location to be confirmed, 5 November

51st TC Meeting and 3rd Interoperability Workshop Munich, Germany, 25 – 26 November

93rd Steering Board Meeting Geneva, Switzerland, 9 – 10 December

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