Introducing SmartDAB: Digital radio in your car via your smartphone

Graham JohnsonGraham Johnson, Business Development Manager, Connects2, presents SmartDAB  the latest technology for drivers who want more from their radio.

SmartDAB  is here and it’s not just for Christmas, although it would make an ideal Christmas gift. SmartDAB was launched at this year’s WorldDAB General Assembly where it was quite rightly billed as the ‘Game Changer’ for adding digital radio into any car. So why is it a ‘Game Changer’ I hear you ask?SmartDAB-Phone  SmartDAB gives you everything in one neat little box, with more features but at less cost.

The product is ‘Digital Tick Mark approved’ and is a perfect introduction to the digital radio experience in your car, with the following features setting it out above the rest:

SmartDAB is self-fit. When you buy something, you don’t want to have to wait days or weeks to have it fitted before you can listen to all those new digital stations. With SmartDAB you can be listening to your old favourite radio station or choose from a vast selection of new radio stations within minutes.

Price is important. For several years now the price of adding digital radio to your car has been a hot topic with many solutions costing way in excess of £100. Price has been seen as a major barrier in the race to fit digital radio in cars. SmartDAB retails at around £80 in the UK and it doesn’t achieve this price point by dropping features or compromising on quality. It uses the same DAB module as many of the best-selling DAB radios and adapters currently on the market.

SmartDAB gives you access to the full digital radio experience whilst listening in your car. There is no data cost on your smartphone as you are listening to ‘free-to-air’ radio. Many products have restrictions to what can be displayed, from only 8 digits on many systems, to one or two line monochrome displays or if you’re lucky a two or three colour display. SmartDAB uses your smartphone as the full all-singing-all dancing colour display. Your smartphone acts as your interface to scan and change stations, so no need to search for a remote control as you will always have your smartphone with you. If you haven’t got a smartphone then this may not be the product for you (there’s a clue in the name).

The screenshot below shows the fully featured play screen which clearly shows everything you need to know about what you are listening to. This includes, signal strength indicator, station name, station logo, genre and radio text giving artist and song information. Slideshow is also displayed if broadcast by the radio station. Alternatively you can choose to cycle through preselected pictures of your family, favourite football team logo or even a picture of the big man himself.


If the colour of the SmartDAB doesn’t match the colours of your dashboard display or the outfit you are wearing then you can change the display colour in the settings menu. For distributors, broadcasters, car manufacturers or anyone who wants to order SmartDAB in large quantities, a customisation service is available to ‘reskin’ in your corporate identity or even add features.


Visit SmartDAB at or contact for details on where to buy.

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