Now is the time to make the most of DAB Slideshow

One of DAB’s many strengths is its ability to deliver images and text via broadcast, from song titles and artwork, to traffic and weather reports or even extra information running alongside adverts.

Why are we talking about it now?

In keeping with Moore’s law, components in DAB receivers have been getting cheaper each year, but until recently the cost of colour screens has meant that only high-end receivers have been able to make the most of what slideshow can do.

Now it’s possible for home receivers to feature colour screens and retail for less than €50, a significant drop.

 What’s in it for broadcasters?  

Slideshow lets broadcasters build closer relationships with listeners, providing them with extra information and bringing the station and shows to life with artwork or even photos from the studio. We’ve included just a handful of examples here to show what’s possible.

Particularly for commuters and drivers, having easy access to traffic and weather information is a great way for stations to stand out from the crowd.

Finally, it opens up new revenue streams, enabling advertisers to push extra information to listeners or using QR codes to host competitions. This is something we’re seeing in hybrid radio applications where listeners can use IP to click through to a landing or competition page.

Now is the time for receiver manufacturers to start looking at including screens in more devices, enabling broadcasters to do more and giving listeners a much richer experience.

To find out more about the potential of DAB Slideshow, take a look at our infographic or get in touch with the WorldDAB project office.

dab-slideshow (3).jpeg

One comment on “Now is the time to make the most of DAB Slideshow

  1. Pete
    July 22, 2016

    Just over a year ago, I asked Global:
    I was just wondering why Slideshow and/or EPG are not contained in your
    live broadcasts at the moment.
    Is this something that is planned for the near future ?

    They said:
    We do have DAB slideshows on the live services on the London 1 multiplex. We also have additional data available through RadioDNS and RadioVIS.

    Many multiplexes don’t have spare capacity for us to broadcast the additional data for slideshows. The priority for the available bandwidth is audio quality and error correction, rather than the the slideshow that is only seen by a subset of the listeners.

    While I do see their point,
    I had to chuckle at the ‘audio quality’ comment as it’s all in Mono, low bit rate 🙂

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