IBC Preview: Norway’s path to DSO


Ahead of WorldDAB’s insight session at IBC 2016, we speak to Jørn Jensen, Chief Advisor to the Director of Distribution at NRK Norway.


Jorn Jensen

“Progress is going well and according to schedule,” says Jensen as Norway prepares to make history by switching off its FM transmitters.

“We start switchoff in the north, in the city of Bødo where we are hosting an event on the 11th of January, and then progress in stages across the country.”

At the same time NRK will move its 14 stations over to DAB+ for the whole country.

“We simply can’t fit our 14 stations onto a DAB mux,” Jensen explains. “So at the moment we have some on DAB and some on DAB+. At midnight on the 11th we take those still on DAB and shift them over.”

For many listeners this will mean retuning their receivers, a new piece to a communications plan that is integral to the success of the switchover.

The marketing and communications strategy needs to ensure that all citizens fully understand what’s happening, what that means for them and what they need to do.

Digital Radio Norway and NRK have set up a call centre to deal with enquiries from the public and recently launched a ‘mythbusters’ website to tackle some of the common misconceptions with DAB.

The situation in Norway is being closely monitored by other countries, from those with advanced DAB deployments to those currently in trial stages.

“We had a lot of attention (from other countries) early in the process but now they are waiting for the switchover to happen before coming back with questions,” Jensen explained.

“There will be a lot of attention on the digital radio programme at IBC – it’s been getting bigger and bigger each year and I expect it to be well attended.”

At WorldDAB’s IBC Insight Session, NRK will discuss progress so far and what’s left to ensure a successful switchover. To find out more on the session and to register for the show take a look at the event page here.

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