Podcast: DAB and creating new content

Sam Bonham speaks to Ash Elford from Angel Radio, Christo Grozev from Radio NewCo and Paul Sylvester from Absolute Radio on how DAB gives broadcasters room to create new content and target new audiences.

The trio look how they have used DAB to reach new audiences, the challenge of trying something new and the importance of quality content.

The podcast was recorded after Session 4 at the General Assembly which explored how broadcasters can tap into new audiences and new markets using digital radio. A key benefit of DAB over FM is the space to create innovative new content, which has been highlightedby both broadcasters and the automotive industry as something which “sells” digital radio to listeners. This session presented success stories with regard to content creation and innovation from DAB markets around the world from both commercial and public broadcasters.

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This entry was posted on November 17, 2016 by in WorldDAB Project Office.

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