A big year for DAB+ in France

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Next week WorldDAB will be at the European Radio Show and while the show may now have a much more international focus, there will be plenty of attention on France ahead of a big year for DAB+.

The story so far

Digital radio launched in Paris, Nice and Marseille in 2014 and there are now over 100 services on air, covering around 19% of the total population. In 2015 the CSA (French regulator) established a timetable for extending coverage to other main urban areas across France.

With the timetable running up to 2023, the new metropolitan areas of France to be covered include Lille, Lyon, Strasbourg (with calls for application in 2016), Nantes, Rouen, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Besançon, Orléans and Clermont-Ferrand in 2017 then the most populated areas from 2018 onwards.

Milestones for 2017

We expect at least two calls for application in the regions of Besançon, Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Nantes, Orléans, Rouen and Toulouse.

Sometime around the middle of the year, services will go live in Lille, Lyon and Strasbourg – bringing the total population coverage to over 20%, a threshold for legislation that new receivers should include DAB+ as well as FM. This is something being explored in Germany and at an EU level. If it goes ahead France will be taking the lead for Europe by ensuring that all radios sold are ready for the digital future.

With new cities rolling out DAB+, now is the time for the French radio industry to step up its marketing efforts. For DAB+ to be a success, and for new stations to build an audience, the industry needs to work together to inform consumers about the benefits of DAB+ and provide information on where and how they can listen.

WorldDAB is sponsor and exhibitor at the European Radio Show and will host a digital radio session within the main conference programme on Tuesday 31st from 11:00-13:00. Titled “A vision for the future of radio: DAB+ in Europe”. Click here for more information.




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