Marketing DAB+: how are countries telling the digital story?  

Darren Willsher, WorldDAB

As rollouts accelerate, marketing campaigns are helping drive sales and raise consumer awareness for DAB around the world. In many regions, digital radio is a mainstream consumer product and advertising takes centre stage on radio, TV and online.

A successful transition to digital requires the “5 Cs” — content, coverage, cars, consumer equipment and communication. Marketing is therefore one of the essential building blocks for creating a vibrant DAB market and in explaining the benefits of digital radio to listeners, showing how and why they can switch to digital at home and in the car.

At the WorldDAB General Assembly that took place in Paris 7-8 November 2017, Jacqueline Bierhorst, newly elected Vice-President of WorldDAB (and Project Director Digital Radio Netherlands and advisor to the Flemish Government, Department of Culture, Youth and Media), presented three short videos that showcase some of the best examples of DAB marketing from around the world.

Some adverts have been produced by national digital radio rollout bodies, others by broadcasters and manufacturers, with the approach varying by region.

DAB+ people

The consumer is at the heart of the radio industry and this first video short looks at the campaigns which focus on people and how they use digital radio. Many of the clips in this video come from Norway, currently about to complete the world’s first radio digital switchover, which has put the listener at the centre of its information campaign around the move to DAB+. The video includes also clips from Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

DAB+ cars

People love radio and they love listening on the move, with research showing that radio is one of the features people wouldn’t be willing to give up in their car. Marketing campaigns in this area look at the benefits of digital radio in the car and how easy it is for people to upgrade.

In this clip, we bring together adverts from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, the UK and Switzerland.

DAB+ fun

This video short takes a look at the more light-hearted approach to marketing. Some broadcasters take the opportunity to showcase the personalities of their presenters and remind listeners of the emotional connection they have with radio, as well as reinforce a key message or tagline.

This video includes clips from Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland.

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