Why the National Broadcasting Council of Poland joined WorldDAB

DPSCamera_0003[2]Krystyna Kuhn, expert in the Strategy Department at the National Broadcasting Council of Poland (KRRiT), explains why they joined WorldDAB and the benefits of joining committees and sharing information between countries.

How long have you been involved in WorldDAB?

I have been interested in DAB since 2010, but KRRiT formally joined WorldDAB in 2013, and I became an elected member of the WorldDAB Steering Board in 2015.

Why did you join?

In 2013 Poland had just started its DAB journey, so joining WorldDAB allowed us to meet countries with much more experience that we could learn from, such as the UK and Norway. We hoped to find good examples of solutions to the challenges we met on these first steps.

Why should other regulators join WorldDAB?

A successful DAB implementation involves not only technical problems and solutions but requires a reconstruction of the radio market. In order to create the right legal environments, financial conditions and frequency management it is necessary for regulators to be actively involved in the process.

For this to work, regulators need a forum, dedicated to digital radio, for exchanging experiences, ideas and sharing best practise.

What do you see as the main benefits of being a member?

The main benefits are networking, exchanging knowledge and experiences, to keep updated on the situation for digital radio around the world.

Digital switchover is a big topic at the moment, with Norway having just completed the process and Switzerland starting in 2020, so learning from countries taking these steps and helping others on their own journey is very valuable.

Do you participate in any of the WorldDAB Committees/groups/task forces? If so, why?

I have been a member of the WorldDAB Steering Board since 2015, and I am involved with the Regulatory and Spectrum Committee – the activities of this group are important in situations where different services apply for new frequency bands – for example protecting DAB spectrum from those who are interested in using Band III for digital terrestrial television.

What do you see as a particularly exciting area of development for digital radio in the next year?

Hybrid radio is an exciting area of development and one where I think we’ll see new functionalities and applications in the next year.

Find out more about WorldDAB membership here

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