Meet the DAB+ Pavilion exhibitors at ABU DBS

Darren Willsher, WorldDAB

 At ABU DBS this year, WorldDAB will be hosting a DAB+ Pavilion with key supply-chain companies working in the region. Ahead of the show we speak to the exhibitors to find out what delegates can expect and why they attend the show.


James Waterson

“The event is a great platform for suppliers and broadcasters to meet and discuss the benefits of implementing DAB+ Radio,” says James Waterson, Sales Manager at Factum Radioscape.

For GatesAir, the show provides an opportunity to meet customers and partners from the region, as well as new prospects, according to Alex Ng, Sales Support Manager – APAC Region at GatesAir.


Alex Ng

“The event is an ideal opportunity for GatesAir to showcase our latest DAB+ transmitters and IP-enabled networking solutions to customers, partners and other Asia-Pacific delegates visiting the show,” he said.”

Paneda are another company seeing increased activity in the Asia Pacific region says their Sales Manager, Lars-Peder Lundgren. “Paneda are heavily active in the Asia Pacific region,” he said. “Not just from our office in Bangkok, but across our network with partners and we’re seeing an increasing interest in digital radio in the whole region.”

On the Pavilion, companies will be showcasing the latest in transmission technology, with Paneda showcasing its complete end-to-end solution for digital radio as well as new peripheral products. Factum Radioscape will be showing its ENMUXA DAB+ multiplexer and OBSERVA monitoring products, and GatesAir will be demonstrating its Maxiva DAB/DAB+ family of air-cooled, solid-state transmitters.


Nick Piggott

One of the big topics for the show this year will be hybrid radio, and RadioDNS will be on the Pavilion to explain the role the technology can play. “We want to explain to delegates about Hybrid Radio; how the combination of broadcast radio and IP can create an experience that is better than using either technology individually,” says Nick Piggott, Project Director at RadioDNS. “Hybrid DAB Radio has all best attributes of broadcast radio – economy, coverage, reliability and free for the listener – but with some of the most valuable capabilities of IP – interactivity, insight and targeting.”

Momentum continues to build for DAB+ in Asia Pacific. In the last year Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Laos all stated they are opting for DAB+ and, in Australia, new DAB+ services are on-air in Canberra and the trials will transition to permanent services this year, with other cities to follow.

“With most of the ASEAN countries quickly closing in on transitions to Digital TV, we do see enormous market potential for the next wave of Digital Radio adoption, and we expect that DAB+ will progressively take off across these regions,” says Alex Ng. “Australia expanding their DAB+ service to more cities signals the maturity and growth rate that is significant to other countries adopting DAB+. Thailand is also pursuing the digital transition relentlessly and having almost completed their Digital TV rollout, we are excited that they could be the next country after Australia to star nationwide DAB+ service soon.”

“It’s encouraging to see network expansion in Australia and also progression with more countries trialling DAB+,” says James Waterson. “The next steps would be to continue setting up test systems so new entrants can really get comfortable with the technology and see the advantages for themselves.”

An important part of DAB adoption is in switching drivers to digital and delegates at the show can expect to hear a lot of discussion on radio in the car. “As more broadcasters support DAB+ it will become more common to be line-fit in cars, and those cars will also be more likely to be connected to the Internet, allowing the full capabilities of Hybrid DAB Radio,” says Nick Piggott.


Lars-Peder Lundgren

“Key for success in the region is assistance in regulations, and to convince decision makers that DAB is a great choice,” says Lars-Peder Lundgren. “Governments and public broadcasters must take an active role in this and make it easy for commercial radio and local broadcasters to start with DAB. Also, receiver manufacturers should soon consider implementing support for Asian characters.”

ABU DBS takes place from 5-8 March and the WorldDAB DAB+ workshop takes place on Monday March 5th at 14:00. The DAB+ Pavilion is stand #40 at the front of the exhibition. To find out more or to make an appointment at the show, please contact the WorldDAB Project Office.




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