Slovenia proposes digital radio switchover date

Darren Willsher, WorldDAB 

Slovenia’s Broadcasting Council has set out a potential path to DSO, adopting a decision for the main Slovenian radio stations to switch to digital on 22.02.2022.

logoThe Broadcasting Council of the Republic of Slovenia (Svet za radiodifuzijo-SRDF) is an independent expert body responsible for broadcasting regulation. It consists of seven members appointed by the National Assembly on the basis of public invitation. The switchover news was captured in the minutes of the Council meeting at the end of last year.

Slovenia has 12 DAB+ services on-air covering over 70% of the population, with services launched in September 2016. The Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia (AKOS) issued licences for 13 stations for Slovenia’s DAB+ network. In addition to 4 stations from public broadcaster RTV Slovenia, 9 additional stations were awarded a licence for digital broadcasting.

The network has been operational since September 2016 and is initially powered by seven medium-power transmitters to cover urban areas and highways. Slovenia’s initial DAB+ trial took place in 2013 covering the capital city of Ljubljana.


Across Europe more countries are looking ahead to switchover plans. Norway was the first country to complete digital switchover last year and Switzerland will start the process from 2020. Elsewhere the North-Italian region of South Tyrol starts its FM switch-off in 2017.

DAB+ development in central and eastern Europe will be one of the topics at MBT 2018, which takes place this year in Vodice, Croatia from May 23-25. This annual event is attended by agencies and organisations connected with broadcasting from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Slovakia and Ukraine. Speakers and delegates will share experiences and ideas as well as discuss opportunities and challenges facing the broadcasting industry.

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