Radio’s new wave at BroadcastAsia 2018

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 14.49.18Radio is facing increased competition, but broadcasters should not undervalue their influence and value. Next week at BroadcastAsia, the ‘Radio’s New Wave’ session will bring together senior level speakers from broadcasters and industry experts to discuss the present and future of radio in Asia Pacific.

Joan Warner, CEO of Commercial Radio Australia and Vice-President WorldDAB, explains what to expect from the session.

Radio has remained free and easily accessible across as many platforms as possible, and as a result, has deepened its relationship with listeners. However, the key to radio’s ongoing success isn’t just high quality relevant content, but its enthusiastic embrace of change as well.

While broadcast radio remains as the core business, radio has incorporated new technology into the business model and now is available online, via apps, on digital via DAB+ and on AM and FM. Radio has reviewed every new platform that has emerged as an opportunity to make sure radio remains ubiquitous and accessible to our loyal listeners anywhere and anytime.

Radio’s future is to focus on the strengths of the industry – the live and local nature of radio – and to incorporate radio into all new devices that come to the market. Our expertise at providing live, localised and popular content 24/7 should prove invaluable as part of these new on-demand devices.

Our core business is creating audio content and distributing and repurposing it across various platforms and new players in the market are not necessarily content creators. The session at BroadcastAsia will show how broadcasters are using new technologies to offer more to listeners and to target new groups, while continuing to deliver new and innovative content.

In the session we’ll hear from broadcasters already embracing the digital space, moving towards a future that incorporates richer content, with images, text and hyperlinks. This will open up more opportunities for Hybrid Radio (the perfect partnership between broadcast radio and online digital), that allows an easy transition from simply listening to broadcast radio to using a backchannel to purchase the song you’re listening to or the product you just heard about on an ad.

The session features  an excellent line-up of speakers, with representatives from Mediacorp, Nova Entertainment, Astro Radio, Commercial Radio Australia, Radio City, Grant Broadcasters Media, GfK and RadioDNS. Anyone interested in the future of radio should book their place.

You can view the programme and register here



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