Bulgarian Communications Regulation Commission announces DAB+ consultation

The following story has been taken and translated from http://www.crc.bg/section.php?id=2526&lang=bg

The Bulgarian Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) has announced it will work with the country’s Council for Electronic Media (CEM) to form an official policy document concerning the adoption of DAB+ digital radio. This is to address ongoing requests by Bulgarian broadcasters for the authorisation of DAB+ to meet additional spectrum demands.

The aim of the process is to ensure efficient use of radio spectrum and to create the conditions for a competitive broadcast industry. The process also aims to evaluate the social and economic benefits of launching digital services.

The first aspect will involve testing the operation of a DAB+ network, with the second evaluating the quality of transmissions compared to analogue. The process will address the lack of licensed content and long-term strategy for digital radio in Bulgaria.

The exact distribution of DAB+ frequencies will depend on the type and quality of networks, whether national, regional or local.

An inter-ministerial working group has been created with representatives of CRC and CEM, to work on preparing an official policy.

Interested parties have until July 25 to submit their comments.