Leading manufacturers now using new international DAB+ logo

One month after its launch, the new DAB+ logo has already been adopted by major industry stakeholders



The initial rollout of the new international DAB+ logo, launched in October by WorldDAB, has already proven to be a success as the number of parties implementing it continues to grow. The logo has been particularly popular amongst retailers, broadcasters and manufacturers across Europe.

Major consumer electronics manufacturers across Europe have now started displaying the new logo on their packaging, in an aligned effort to benefit from the growing adoption of DAB+ in Europe and beyond. Manufacturers using the logo in marketing and point of sale material to date include but are not limited to PURE, Pioneer, SONY, Panasonic, Sonoro, Grundig, Dual, Kenwood, with other leading manufacturers set to follow later this year and in the near future.


The new DAB+ logo, introduced by WorldDAB to replace the black and white logo and help improve consumer recognition of DAB+ across borders, already seems to be bearing fruit, as the adoption rate of the new logo continues to gain significant ground amongst key industry stakeholders working to promote DAB+.

Just over a month after its initial launch, a large number of national DAB rollout bodies across Europe have also embraced the new logo, including Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium (both French and Flemish-speaking parts of the country), Austria, and Switzerland – markets collectively accounting for 50% of global consumer DAB sales.


Available to industry stakeholders for free via the WorldDAB website, the new logo has been designed to promote DAB+ to listeners, provide clarity to manufacturers and ensure consistent marketing of DAB+ internationally. Available in full colour, black and white and inverted white via the WorldDAB website, the logo helps improve consumer recognition of DAB+ across borders while embodying the modern, digital way of listening to radio. Based on a universally recognised radio receiver, the logo is supported by modern fonts and a dynamic colour palette to ensure a consistent brand across all communication channels.

The toolkit, which includes design elements and strategies for on-air radio spots, online distribution, social media, point of sale material and consumer advertising, lay the foundation for the launch of DAB+ marketing in new and emerging markets, as well as strengthening and streamlining marketing efforts in existing and established DAB+ markets. It can be fully aligned to the needs of each market, including the tagline which varies by country. Countries have the option to use “more radio” or to develop a country specific message. The logo works hand-in-hand with the Digital Tick Mark and other technical logos.

WorldDAB’s recommendation is that the new international logo is adopted by as many markets as possible, ultimately replacing the previous black and white logo.

Download the new logo here.


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