Four new members join WorldDAB

New members since August 2019

by Rebecca Keene, Stakeholder Relations Manager, WorldDAB

We’re pleased to announce four new Members have joined WorldDAB since September 2019. They are  Honda, Inntot Technologies, RTV Slovenija and towerCast,


Honda launched the T360 mini truck in 1963 to become the last major domestic automaker to enter the Japanese automotive market. A second model, the S500 sports car, then followed in the T360’s footsteps to form a pair of vehicles equipped with Japan’s first DOHC automobile engine and to make Honda’s debut with a full complement of our distinctive innovation. Then in 1964, Honda took up the challenge of Formula One with the intent of honing Honda’s leading edge technology at the pinnacle of racing. Ever since, Honda’s automobile business has been filled with a challenging spirit for creating new value in every area including technology development and manufacturing. And now following Honda’s 2030 Vision, Honda will strive to electrify two-thirds of global automobile unit sales in 2030.

Inntot Technologies

Inntot Technologies is a technology driven company with prime focus on enabling cost effective next generation digital media receivers. Inntot has SDR Solutions for DAB/DAB+ Receivers including Data Services ported to various hardware platforms with different tuners and Android Smart Phones. Inntot serves several automotive customers in the Digital Radio Receiver domain and is a winner of several prestigious awards including Industrial Innovation Awards 2017 of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)- for the Best Service Startup & Top 10 Promising Startups of India. In addition to the Digital Radio Receiver IP Solutions, Inntot provides end-to-end system integration services for customers who develop products in the Digital Radio Receiver space.

RTV Slovenija

RTV Slovenija is the national public service media company. A non-profit organization of special cultural and national importance. It produces programs for two national TV channels, two regional TV channels, two TV channels for the Italian and Hungarian national communities, three national radio channels, two regional radio programs, radio programs for foreign citizens and two radio programs for national communities in Slovenia. Radiotelevizija Slovenija is operating a transmitter and transposer network consisting of over 200 locations. It operates two national DVB-T networks, a T-DAB network and a couple of FM networks as well as medium-wave transmitters.


towerCast, is a major French broadcasting services operator, specialised in radio broadcasting services and Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT). towerCast covers more than 85% of the French population with radio broadcasting services and 60% of the French population receive at least one DTT diffusion operated by towerCast. Through more than 500 sites and thanks to a recognized know-how in management and networks operations, towerCast fixed its mastery of new digital technologies in the broadcasting market, Digital Terrestrial Television or Telecom. towerCast is committed in the deployment of DAB+ in France for local, and regional coverage since 2016 and is working to be a major player for national coverage. towerCast is already broadcasting DAB+ in Paris, Lyon, Bourg-en-Bresse, Macon and soon in Normandy.

Find out more about joining WorldDAB.

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