Four new members join WorldDAB

New members since Jan 27 2020v5by Rebecca Keene, Stakeholder Relations Manager, WorldDAB

We’re pleased to announce four new Members have joined WorldDAB since November 2019. They are Danish public broadcaster Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Dutch digital radio organisation Digital Radio NL, Japanese DAB solution provider M’s STYLE TECHNOLOGY Corp. and Japanese receiver manufacturer Yamaha Corporation. WorldDAB now has a total of 105 members from 31 countries.

Digital Radio NL

Digital Radio NL is the collaboration between Dutch Public Broadcaster (NPO) and the nine national commercial radio license holders (VCR), supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate. Digital Radio NL collaborates with the Regional Public Broadcasting Foundation (RPO) and the Regional Commercial Broasters (NLCR). The radio stations connected to Digital Radio are digitally available via: DAB+ (digital radio over the air) – the digital successor to FM, digital cable set-top box and online via, for example, desktop and mobile apps. Digital Radio stands for digital listening to your favourite radio stations, always and everywhere. The joint parties have set themselves the goal of making digital radio listening a success. Introducing listeners to the benefits of digital radio with an emphasis on DAB+, getting to know the benefits of DAB+ over FM and switching to this new way of listening to radio.

Danish Broadcasting Corporation

DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) is Denmark’s oldest and largest electronic media enterprise. The corporation was founded in 1925 as a public service organisation. DR is an independent, licence financed public institution comprising television, radio and online services.


M’s STYLE TECHNOLOGY is a company established in 2006. They mainly perform one-stop design and development of software and hardware for in-vehicle AV equipment. In particular, they are focusing on S/W IP conversion of digital radio from around the world such as DAB/DAB+/DMB/DRM/DRM+/HDR, including RMP-compatible digital televisions. Additionally as a new development, they are working on IPDC solutions using broadcast waves. In this way, while combining IPDC technology and digital broadcasting technology and constantly growing, they will deliver attractive technologies and products, that is, infotainment with their unique strengths to the world

Yamaha Corporation

Drawing on the strengths they have nurtured as the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments, they are driving ahead globally in their three fields of musical instruments, audio equipment and industrial machinery/components and other. Yamaha Group has companies and branches in more than 30 countries and regions, and are expanding operations to meet the needs of customers around the world and to deepen their engagement with their valued customers.

Find out more about joining WorldDAB.


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