Issue 15 (December 2011)

issue 15 fpLooking back, Thinking ahead

2011 has been a year of many changes for WorldDMB, its members and the international digital radio industry.

Throughout 2011 there has been a growing sense of momentum and enthusiasm for the DAB family of standards with many positive developments having taken place. These developments have included the emergence of new markets, successful launches of trials and interest from potential new markets outside the European and Asia Pacific regions where the DAB family of standards are increasingly gaining market dominance.

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Issue 15 Letter from presLetter from the President: 2011 has been a year of renewed enthusiasm

During my time as WorldDMB President,  I have seen many changes in a relatively  short space of time. The most immediate  changes for both myself and our members  have been the changes seen in the Project Office, the hub of WorldDMB.  Now that there is a full complement of  staff, the Project Office are now able  to continue with their valuable work, in  collaboration with our members, of rolling  out the DAB standards.

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Issue 14 PO UPDATEWorldDMB Project Office Update

Progress has been extensive throughout  2011 but it is clear when thinking forward  to 2012 and onwards that there is  a lot still to be achieved.

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Issue 16 fpThe importance of  business case scenarios  for commercial  broadcasters

The commercial broadcasting sector is in need of support and  information in relation to the complex decision making process for  migration to digital radio broadcasting. The WorldDMB Steering Board has approved a focus on defining how this can be achieved.

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iSSUE 15 IM32011 Project Office Annual Monthly Summary

2011 was a very busy and productive  year for the Project Office. Many events,  conferences, committees and workshops  were both hosted and attended.  Strategically 2011 was a year where  attention was focused on supporting and  championing the German radio industry  in the run-up to the launch of the  DAB+ network. This was successfully  launched in August and a series of  events have been held to mark the  momentous occasion.

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Radio Industry Key Events 2011

During 2011 the WorldDMB Project  Office attended a number of key industry  events. This enabled the Project Office  not only to connect with members but  also to elevate the position of WorldDMB  and the DAB standards.

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iSSUE 15 IM8 GASummary on the WorldDMB General Assembly  ‘Success through collaboration’Zurich,  Switzerland, 27-28 October 2011

This year’s General Assembly was the most successful to date with  a higher turn-out of delegates than on previous years. The event was  opened by the re-elected WorldDMB President Jørn Jensen who said,  “To ensure the future success of digital radio all industry stakeholders  need to work in collaboration to see the DAB family of standards  become more readily available across a range of different consumer  devices”. The event included debates and discussions on the latest  industry developments from a panel of experts from Europe, America  and the Asia Pacific Region.

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iSSUE 15 pER eRIK2011 Per Erik Selemark Award

Hossein Yassaie, CEO of Imagination Technologies received the WorldDMB 2011 Per Erik Selemark Award for  services to DAB at the 17th WorldDMB General Assembly.

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WorldDMB Committees

Find out about the work of the different WorldDMB Committees:

The WorldDMB Technical Committee (TC)

The Marketing Committee (MC)

The Regulatory and Spectrum Committee (RSC)

The Asia Pacific Committee (APC)

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iSSUE 15 EBUWorldDMB Partnerships

WorldDMB is the network of professionals facilitating the future of digital radio broadcasting based on the DAB/DAB+/DMB standards, drawing on over 80 members from across the globe and from all stakeholder segments and geographies. In this role as broker for industry knowledge and promotion of a coordinated roll-out of services, WorldDMB actively collaborates and partners with industry bodies in Europe and Asia.

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iSSUE 15 CAR SECTIONAutomotive 2011: Digital radio on the road

The automotive industry is key to ensuring  the successful roll-out of digital radio.  Therefore, WorldDMB have focused on  working closely with the international car  sector throughout 2011 and extensive  progress has been made.

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issue 18 premNew devices – a focus on the interactive screen

The digital radio industry has seen the introduction of many new innovative devices that support the DAB family of standards throughout 2011. New styles and designs of kitchen radios, dongles for your iphone, USBs for your PC, mobile phone headsets, and tablets now enable the consumer to access radio where ever and whenever they desire. What has been noticeable is not only the varying price range, of the new products from the very affordable to the high end receivers but also the increasing attention given to the interactive screen.

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