Issue 16 (March 2012)

Issue 16 fpDigital radio – on the money

A study on how digital radio can make and save big money

There are an increasing number of voices in the international radio industry calling for guidance on good practice, advice on implementation of digital radio and examples of financially viable business models. In light of this, WorldDMB commissioned research to address all of these factors.

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jj picThe case for switching to digital radio has been made; the proof is evidenced by the successful  business models seen around the world 

The growth of the DAB family of standards and encouraging their adoption and roll-out  remains at the forefront of my activities as President of WorldDMB. Adopted by over 40  countries, with thousands of models of DAB/ DAB+ and DMB receivers on the market  and listened to by millions, the standards have become the choice for Europe and much  of Asia Pacific.

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Issue 16 po updateKey focus areas for  the Project Office in 2012

WorldDMB realises that our members are the most important assets in driving the global growth and adoption of the DAB  family of standards. As a result, the Project Office have brought  on board a new part-time Membership Manager, Rebecca  Keene, who will be in touch with our members directly and  will act as the main point of contact for all existing and new  membership inquiries.

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Issue 16 ph le radioA strong case for the switch to digital 

 The growth and adoption of the DAB  family of standards over the past  few years has been extensive. The  majority of the radio industry are  keen proponents for bringing the  medium of radio into the digital age.  However, some hesitation still remains.  Some commercial broadcasters in  certain markets view the migration  to digital radio as a threat. A fear of  increased competition, and increased  running costs, by some commercial  broadcasters has led to certain  countries’ efforts for digitalisation  of radio being delayed.

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Issue 16 germanyThe second phase of roll-out commences in Germany

The activities and processes observed  by the German radio industry are  setting a precedent for the key factors  that are fundamental to a successful  roll out of digital radio. The German  market is a strong voice for pushing for  a pan-European digital radio strategy.  Germany continue to focus their efforts  on key factors such as cross industry  collaboration, marketing, providing  new and high-quality content and  most importantly, selling receivers to  ensure a successful and healthy  digital radio future.

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ISSUE 16 FranceCalls for digitalisation of the French radio  industry gathers momentum

The desire to discover more about  digital radio and move to a digital  platform by the majority of the French  radio industry was evident at the Le  Radio conference. Digital radio was  firmly on the agenda and during the  conference session dedicated to digital  radio, Rachid Arhab confirmed the  CSA’s request to the French Ministry  of Industry to include DAB+ in the  technical standard for France.

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Issue 16 PolandPoland DAB+ trial to be launched

National public broadcaster, Polskie  Radio, together with four regional public  radio stations (Radio Wroclaw, Radio  Gdansk, Radio Poznan and Radio dla  Ciebie), are preparing the launch of a  DAB+ public multiplex. It is hoped that  this will be broadcast in the four cities  where the Euro 2012 football matches  will be played – Warsaw, Wroclaw,  Gdansk and Poznan.

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Issue 16 SpectrumRegulatory Spectrum  Committee update on the  battle of the frequencies

Today’s technologies are spectrum  hungry, and with an increasing number  vying for larger allocation of radio  waves, the battle for the frequencies has  intensified. The main reason for this is that  only a small range of radio frequencies  are suited for today’s mobile broadband  technologies. Spectrum about 1 GHz  allows wide radio channels, propagation  on long distance and penetration into  buildings, all with lower power, meaning  lower costs or transmission

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 Issue 16 TCNew Service Following specifications to be submitted to ETSI

Service Following allows cross-referencing to other modes of reception of the same programme, such as AM, FM, and other DAB ensembles. Receivers allowing this function will automatically switch to other modes of reception if the current one becomes unavailable (e.g. when leaving the coverage area)

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Issue 16 ebuAnnouncements Workshop 

In January, SRG SSR hosted an  ‘Announcements Workshop’ to clarify  the behaviour and functionality of DAB  announcements.The announcement feature allows a  listener to choose to be interrupted by  short audio announcements of specific and  relevant topics such as news, traffic and  weather. This workshop reviewed three  input documents and discussed the issues  contained within them and other issues  that developed during the day.

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Issue 16 abuAsia Pacific Update

This year the activities of WorldDMB in the Asia Pacific region will be extensive, with the Project Office set to participate in a number of key industry events. At the beginning of March WorldDMB were Major Sponsors of the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium that took place in Kuala Lumpur from 6 -9 March.

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iSSUE 16 OBObituary: Vale Russell Stendell 1949 – 2012

Russell Stendell, Head of Technology & Digital Planning for ABC Radio, died on Friday 10 February. Russell had struggled with cancer over the past nine months.

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issue 16 car workshopWorldDMB continues work with the international automotive industry

The next European WorldDMB Car Manufacturer’s workshop which will be held in Germany in May 2012.

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