Issue 17 (June 2012)

Issue 17 fpBreaking barriers – The next steps for digital radio

The uptake of the DAB standards (DAB, DAB+ and DMB) has seen exponential growth across Europe and much of Asia Pacific with market data and activity from these two regions demonstrating a positive outlook from both established and new markets.

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jj picHybrid, the automotive aftermarket, mobiles  and tablets are the next big issues that the  international digital radio industry must address

My experience of working with digital radio in Norway and my extensive involvement with WorldDMB has given me a good overview of the many different aspects that affect the adoption and roll out of digital radio. It has also given me an understanding of how new issues arise during the course of its implementation.

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iSSUE 17 PO UPDATE IM1Project Office Update

WorldDMB has seen a fundamental  shift over the past few years in the way  it works to ensure the adoption of the  DAB family of standards by governments  and broadcasters. While the WorldDMB  Technical Committee continues to work  on overseeing the standardisation of the  DAB family (see page 5 for an update on  the work of the Technical Committee’s  Task Force on Service Following),  the WorldDMB Project Office and the  WorldDMB Marketing Committee are  focused more and more on delivering  tailored roll out workshops which bring  best practice and the lessons learned to  our digital radio colleagues in emerging  digital radio markets.

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ISSUE 17 TCTechnical Committee Update

The Technical Committee, chaired by Lindsay Cornell, convenes to oversee the standardisation of the DAB family of standards. It ensures that receiver equipment and broadcast technologies are compatible. The Technical Committee also upgrades and advances the standard in line with other technical developments. Finally, the Technical Committee looks to future-proof all DAB equipment (both receiver and broadcast based).

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issue 17 tc im2Hackers enter EBU Digital Radio Week 2012

Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with criminal activities.
These hackers were developers, engineers and students interested in tweaking, modifying software and playing with prototypes to make radio more attractive and innovative for colour screens. They gathered for an event called RadioHack that kick-started the 2012 EBU radio week and enabled them to test different possibilities on the huge number of new tablets and multimedia devices that are now coming on to the consumer market.

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Issue 17 rscShould we expect a reduction in broadcasting due to shortage of frequencies?

The European Union Radio Spectrum Policy Programme (RSPP) published Decision No. 2012/243/EU which took effect from 10 April 2012.

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Issue 17 chipFeature Article: Barriers to the success of digital radio have now on the whole been overcome

For broadcasters and government it is vital when undertaking the transition to a digital platform that the chosen standard is both robust and mature enough to enable a smooth and cost effective rollout while providing both consumer and broadcaster incentives to switch to digital.

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iSSUE 17 FRANCEThe quiet revolution – France pushes for the start of digital radio

At the time of Eureka! going to print the consultation on whether to include DAB+ as part of the French digital radio standard is closing. Once again the French market is looking at the technology standard and asking for feedback and recommendations on which part of the DAB family of standards the French digital radio industry can use. Currently DMB audio is the only part of the standard allowed in France although as one family all part scan sit happily together on the multiplex.

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issue 17 germany 2German digital radio industry takes next steps

The first half of 2012 has seen the German digital radio industry focus more on educating the retail industry at the same time as increasing coverage and ensuring services go on-air.

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iSSUE 17 ItalyEurope continues with its progression of digital radio adoption

An overview of the latest market information from European markets:
– Gibraltar
– Netherlands
– Poland
– United Kingdom

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ISSUE 17 ABU DBSOverview of latest news on digital radio coming out of the Asia Pacific region

The WorldDMB Project Office has since the beginning of the year ramped up its activities in the region, a reflection that the Asia Pacific markets are on the move. WorldDMB successfully represented its members at the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium earlier this year and in its aftermath has seen a flurry of activities with key markets making substantial moves towards digitalisation of their radio industries

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issue 17 amicomThe automotive industry’s digital radio…

WorldDMB attended the Telematics Update event ‘Content and Apps’ for the car industry where digital radio was represented on the panel by Laurence Harrison, DRUK, John Du, General Motors Derek Williams, Toyota, Ono Hitoshi, Vodafone and Mikael Gustavsson, Volvo.

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